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How to Make House Painting Less of a Chore

It’s one of those jobs you know you need to do, but can’t bring yourself to get on with! We’re talking about painting, whether it should be a couple of walls, a full room, or even the outdoor paintwork of the house, plus fences and wooden buildings. It’s a time-consuming and not very pleasant job, and one that means getting out all those brushes, rollers and trays, and expecting a lot of mess! So, what can you do to eliminate the mess, save time, and make painting your home and garden woodwork less of a chore?

You could invest in a paint sprayer! These excellent machines are becoming ever-more popular with homeowners – having once been intended only for contractors and other professionals – and are now surprisingly affordable, given their capability. They come in a wide range of types and across a vast array of prices, and there is certain to be one for you. Let’s talk a little bit more about paint sprayers, and show you why one of these is a great investment, even if you are only using it occasionally.

What Is a Paint Sprayer?

Usually, a paint sprayer follows a simple theme: it is a sort of gun fitment, attached to a pump via a tube, with a reservoir for the paint. The pump creates a pressure source that drives the paint through the tube and out of the gun – which can often be modified with various sizes and styles of tip – and creates a spray of paint that you can direct onto the area you wish to cover. They are easy to use and very accurate, and make painting your home or outdoor buildings simple and quick.

Another benefit of using a paint sprayer is that you don’t get so much waste; you can adjust the spray for fineness, which makes it far more efficient when painting those awkward corners and such. Also, make sure you choose an ‘airless’ model – you can find out more paint sprayer information online and see what we are talking about – as these are the most efficient and up to date, and they also offer the best performance for your outlay. All in all, even if you are only going to use one occasionally, a paint sprayer is an excellent addition to your home improvement kit.

Choose the Right One

Choosing a paint sprayer means considering what you want it for, and how much you are willing to pay. Some models cost several hundred pounds, some considerably less, and for occasional use there are many that fall within a sensible price range. You will certainly find interesting and capable models at the website we linked to, so it is certainly worth your while reading some of those reviews.

We are sure that, once you try using a paint sprayer, you will find it makes life a lot easier, and you will be more inclined to get on with jobs that need doing, so check them out now and see which one is for you.

Don’t Let Your Books Rot in the Loft

Keeping Your Loft Dry and Your Treasure Safe

Most of us have treasured possessions tucked away in the loft or the cellar. Are you sure that yours are safe and dry?

Even the most super organised person has a certain amount of junk tucked away in the loft, cellar, garage or spare room. Of course, where you and I are concerned, junk is not the right word. These are treasured possessions, family heirlooms and articles that are just waiting for that next house move, extension or the conversion of the spare bedroom into a library so that they can retake their pride of place in the centre of family life.

In the meantime, though, these magnificent artefacts are packed away in boxes, awaiting their moment to shine. The trouble is, a damp, musty loft is about the worst place you can leave treasured books, or just about anything else, for any length of time. A simple solution is to install electric tubular heaters to keep the temperature even and the condensation at bay. Let’s learn a bit more about protecting your hidden treasure from the damp.

Why is your loft damp?

If the loft space is damp, the first thing you need to do is work out why. Most likely, the moisture is coming from outside or inside, although there is a third option. We will look at each in turn.

Got a leak?

If the water is coming from outside, and your roof is leaking, it will be obvious, as the water will be concentrated in a particular area. Trace it back to the source, and get the problem repaired as quickly as possible, as left unattended, the ingress will do costly damage. The sooner you fix it, the smaller the problem.

Condensation from within

The more likely culprit is condensation, and this is not such an easy issue to address. Modern houses are typically well insulated, but sometimes they can be too much so. The house needs room to breathe, and there should be ventilation gaps in the loft space to let the moisture escape.

Think about where the condensation is coming from. For example, if you are in the habit of having hot, steamy showers, that’s your prerogative, but make sure the extractor fan is always switched on while you are doing so. Got a tumble dryer? Check the vent pipe is pushing the damp air outside and the vents are not blocked.

Even after checking all these things, you might still find you are getting a certain degree of condensation. A foolproof solution is to install some inexpensive heating in the loft to keep the temperature even. The tubular heaters we mentioned earlier are ideal for this, as they are energy efficient and simple to install in out of the way places.

One other possibility

If you have water tanks in your loft, there is an outside chance that they might be the culprits. These tanks feed the system by gravity and should contain cold water, but there are rare occasions where a plumbing fault causes them to warm up and create steam and condensation. It is not a common problem, but it is worth checking, just to be sure.

Choosing the Best Pond Pump

When you are looking to build a pond, there are several things you need to consider. Or, perhaps you have recently moved into a property that already has a pond in the grounds, but it needs attention? A man-made pond will be one of still water, and water that is not aerated – in nature, this is done by moving streams that tend to feed the pond – will soon go green as algae grows, and become unhealthy for living things. So, if you want fish, plants, clear water and to attract the local water-based wildlife, you need to find a way of keeping your water clean and healthy.

The answer lies in one of a choice of pumps and filters, and they really are an essential addition to your pond. There are many different types, which we will talk about in a moment, but essentially the process is this: a pump constantly drives the water in the pond, via a hose, to a filter. The filter involves a series of processes designed to clean the water. The water is then sent, via another hose, back to the pond. This keeps the water suitably aerated, and the water clean and clear.

The Right Pump and Filter

In general, your pump will be of a submersible design; that is, it sits beneath the surface. However, your filter may not be in the water, as some of the more popular models are external, and they tend to be the more efficient and effective designs. These filters include a variety of treatment methods. A UV light will kill the green algae; bacterial filters will get rid of the harmful bacteria that builds up in the water; and the filter will also take away any debris that is in the pond. The result is clear, healthy water that fish, plants, frogs and newts – let alone the many insects that lay there young in ponds – will thrive in.

You need to find a pump and filter that is suitable for your pond, and this means buying a set up suitable for the capacity of water you are dealing with. If you click here you will find a selection of excellent reviews of pond pumps, filters, liners and other accessories, as well as excellent information on ponds and how they are best maintained. In fact, you will find that a pond, to a certain extent, looks after itself once an adequate pump and filter system is in place.

Enjoy Your Pond

A well-designed pond – you can choose pre-formed pond liners if you want as they are easy to install and surprisingly affordable – is a joy to have in the garden, and you can find any number of excellent fountains and other features that give it an additional attraction.

You will find that your pond is a focal point of the garden, too – consider lighting sets that give it an added sense of interest – so make sure you keep the water clean and fresh with the best pump and filter package.