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What to Ask When Considering Heated Floors




You’ve decided to get new flooring installed. Congratulations! The next thing you’ve started to look into is in floor heating, also called radiant heat used to warm the floor surface. What is it? How does it work? What are the best flooring materials to use with it? These and many other questions will be answered below so that you can make an educated decision and in turn, have the best flooring experience.




Why Use Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat actually has quite a few benefits, but the main one is that it allows you to keep your floors warm. It also plays up against the fact that heat always rises. When the heat rises, it doesn’t really benefit you, but in this case, it keeps the heat from doing that and instead slows the dispersal rate down.

The heat, over time, will still rise, but not at such a high speed as it normally would. Also, since you will be essentially warming your feet up, you won’t need to heat the entire house up.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using It?

While the radiant heat itself isn’t really expensive, it’s the installation that can be. Sometimes you can expect to pay anywhere between $4 to $6 extra per square foot – this doesn’t include any other costs like materials for the floor itself and installation. Definitely, something to consider. Also, when it comes to materials, radiant heat works less with something like carpet because carpet is already an efficient insulator. Therefore, if you have carpet, you really are just wasting money installing something that doesn’t really need to be installed. In a lot of cases, things like hardwood, ceramic, porcelain and stone would be a better fit, you can get great selections of these flooring at Also there are plenty of confusing facts and myths about radiant heating that might affect your decision of installing them in the first place. Therefore, you might want to do your research beforehand.

The 3 Types Of Radiant Heat

When choosing to use radiant heat, you will then have to look into the 3 types. They include; forced air, hydronic-based and electrical. All 3 have their own benefits, disadvantages, and uses of course.

For forced air, this is a type that is very rarely used in homes. Instead, it’s better suited for commercial properties. The hydronic-based system is the more efficient option of the last 2, and it uses hot water for heat, carrying it throughout the house using tubing. This is also the more popular option. Electrical systems tend to be less efficient than the hydronic option, but this will really be dependent on where you live and how much you pay for electricity.

The 2 Types Of Installations

There are 2 main types of installations, they include wet and dry. Wet installations are going to be done when the house is first being built or when the flooring has an added layer of concrete and then the radiant heat is added hence the wet – wet concrete. Dry, on the other hand, is layered either above or below the sub-floor of your space. Dry is the newer type of technology and tends to be the most popular for this reason alone. Dry is also popular because they are perfect for homes that have already been built, you won’t need additional concrete to be laid.

Do you Have To Do The Entire Floor?

The short answer: No. In fact, most people who install these do not actually do the entire floor in radiant heating. Now if you have a smaller space like a small bathroom, by all means, do it, or if money’s no object, great, do the entire floor. But, most people just add the radiant heating to “parts” of the floor because of the shortage of budget. For instance, some popular spots include; in front of the shower, in front of the vanity, around the toilet, by the sink in the kitchen, at the main counter in the kitchen, etc.

This way you aren’t placing radiant heating where you won’t be using it. Just in the places where you do need it and will use it. Obviously, this is entirely up to you, but it will cost less to do a partial mat rather than a whole room mat.

Free Slots Pay Real Money!



Slot machines have long been a popular form of entertainment, and the sheer choice of games available is amazing. This is even more so when you go online, where you can find a wide variety of options at many different websites and online casinos. There are many reasons why online slot machines are better than the real ones, but more of that later. Whether you prefer the older, simpler sort of slots or the more modern and complex version there is plenty to choose from, and many people say the chances of winning online are greater than in the casino or at the pub.

So, what are the benefits of playing online? Firstly, there’s the fact you can play from anywhere that has an internet connection. From your home, during your lunch break at work, in the pub or café or anywhere, and you can play on any device from a PC to a smartphone, 24hours a day and every day. The sheer convenience of this cannot be overstated, and it simply enhances the fun you can have. Also, there are so many online sites and casinos where you can play slots for free with real money that you ate sure to find one you enjoy.

Get Money for Free

How do you get money for free? Firstly, there is the opportunity to play the full game for virtual money. This way you get the full experience, and have a lot of fun, without taking a risk. It also means you can get to grips with the features of a game before you begin to play with real cash, so you stand a better chance of winning. Of course, you want to make some money, so this is a great way of maximising your chances.

Another source of free money comes with a signing-up bonus; this is an incentive for new players in which the casino will match you deposit, usually to 100%, so you have real, free money to play with, and win with! Remember, there are many websites and online casinos offering such deals, and you are free to register with each and take advantage of these and many other bonuses such as free spins.

Play for Fun and Win

Playing slot machines is great fun and, while you’re not guaranteed to win, you always have a decent chance of doing so. You can choose the machine with the best chances by checking the Return to Player rating, which tells you the chances of winning. You’ll find this on all machines, both physical and online, and it is worth taking the time so check it. Have fun with your online slot machines and spend your free time playing one of the may excellent games online, and you never know, you might make some money!

Are Dogs Good for Kids?



Kids have boundless energy. Sometimes it seems that the more they do the more energetic they get. It is great to see your children running around and enjoying themselves, but keeping up with them is exhausting. It is always a relief when someone else takes them out and runs around the park with them.

Studies show that pets are goods for kids

Getting a dog helps a lot. Young dogs love to play, and providing you choose the right type can match your kid’s energy levels.

Most of us realise this, but did you know that a dog could help your children in many other ways, as well? Well they can, recent research has shown that kids that are bought up in homes with a dog grow into more confident, well-adjusted adults.

Living with a dog means that your children have to learn important social skills at an early age. They need to accommodate the dog and his or her needs. For example, leaving your pet alone when they are asleep teaches a young child that they have to respect boundaries, and be mindful of how animals and others are feeling.

Studies also show that children who have pets are more confident, and suffer from fewer emotional issues. If a child is having problems at school coming home to a dog that bounds into their arms, and wants to spend time with them provides much needed relief. It gives them a much-needed chance to smile, and forget the problems of the day.

It may seem strange, but many kids talk to their pets about their problems. The fact that the dog, cat or hamster does not ask a stream of questions, or judge them, means that the child can be 100% honest about how they are feeling. Being able to talk freely to someone about a problem is a great relief, and has been shown to help children to work through difficult issues.

If you would like to learn more about the different ways dogs could help kids to manage psychological problems, you can do so by reading this page.

Getting a puppy

If, after reading this, you do think getting a puppy is a good idea you need to be careful about where you buy it. It is especially important to buy your puppy from a proper breeder. You need to find one that is registered, and keeps their dogs in the right conditions. If you do not do so, there is a strong chance that you will discover that your new puppy has health or behavioural problems once you get him or her home, by which point it is too late to do anything about it.

Therefore, if you see a puppies for sale in Glasgow sign my advice is that you pause for a moment, and check that breeders credentials before buying from them. Doing that is the best way to make sure that you end up with the right puppy for you and your kids.

No Deposit Online Casino Games UK



Are you a fan of casino games? It can be a lot of fun taking an evening at your local casino, trying your hand at blackjack, roulette or one of many other traditional games. If you’re in luck it can also be profitable! Finding the time to get to the casino can be a problem, but what if we could show you a way of enjoying the very best casino games from anywhere there is an internet connection? Wouldn’t it be great to play your favourite game from home, from a café or pub, or even during your breaks at work? Well, you can with online casino games, and even better, they can be played on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

So, how do you do it? It’s simple: you go to one of the many online casino websites, choose your game, and away you go – play against the virtual dealer or other live players. Even better, you don’t even need a deposit at the very best online casinos. We’ve even taken the trouble to find the best place to look for the right deals, and we reckon you’re going to love it!

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Take a few minutes to check out the website now, and you’ll see there is plenty to choose from, and that there are some excellent bonuses to take advantage of. We believe you will find this the best source of advice and information on the most exciting and lucrative online casinos in the business, so what is there to lose? Have a look, and have fun!

How to Make a Funky Pendant Lampshade from a Paper Bag




A paper bag pendant lightshade might only sound like something you’d put together in a pinch if there’s nothing else around. However, use the right tricks and you can create a cool and funky light that really catches people’s attention. All you need is two large paper bags, some string or yarn, and some glue or double sided tape.

Start by taking a long paper carrier bag without handles. Fold it half lengthwise, then fold each of those half pieces in half. Continue doing so until the whole length has been divided into 16 parts that accordion outwards. Next up, make folds along the first row of your diagonal folds. Start at the centre of each one, then fold down in a long triangular shape to each side.

Now you’ve finished with the first bag, it’s time to start making use of your second one. Cut this bag to half the length of the first one, and then start folding again until you have 8 accordion-style folds. You can now join the two pieces together using either double sided tape or some strong glue. Find the ends that match, then stick them together.

You should now have a globular shade, but you still need to poke some holes through the top. After doing so, threat in some string or yarn so you can open and close the top at will. You can now hang the shade.

If you want to take things a little further, you can simply connect a bulb to a length of wire and then wrap that wire in twine to make sure it looks the part. No matter what you do, you need to take one important thing into account: the type of bulb you use. It’s best to pick ones that aren’t going to generate too much heat, such as LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs should never be used near paper, so make sure you give these ones a miss.

For the best look, try positioning your lamp with paper bag pendant shade in a place where it will be used more for accent lighting than for illuminating an entire room.

Trampolines Don’t Have To Be Dangerous




When the thought of a trampoline enters a parent’s mind, the onset of images like trips to the emergency room immediately turn them off from the idea of purchasing one for their family. They imagine children flying off of the sides and snapping their necks in the process. Parents think of toes and hands getting stuck in between the springs of the trampoline, which to their credit – are often a major cause for painful injuries.

However, trampolines don’t have to be dangerous – many new backyard trampoline developments are emerging, such as a net that has bounce to it, cushioning jumpers back to the mat, making the net more reliable for fall prevention. There are brands out there attempting to bury the springs to prevent injury, or looking for ways to remove springs completely.

If you’re looking for a safe trampoline alternative, consider Springfree Trampoline, where the solution is in the name itself. It uses flexible, composite rods instead of springs that are underneath the jumping surface, preventing users from ever touching the support system, and eliminating the chance of getting those little toes and fingers caught. Without any springs at all, this substantially reduces the risk of injury. The rods also help to support a flexible net (FlexiNet), which actively guides jumpers inwards to safety.

Furthermore, the frame of the Springfree trampoline is also situated beneath the jumping surface, no more bangs, bruises or sprains because users will never come into contact with the trampoline frame. This will further reduce the risk of injury, while the SoftEdge mat will make for a more comfortable and safer jumping experience, as it is highly shock absorbent.

What’s more is that this trampoline manufacturer has introduced what is known as the tgoma digital game system, bringing the latest in technology to the trampoline market — making it the world’s first smart trampoline.The games and apps available for installation are meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages, and offer a substantial health benefit because of the physical workout users will receive when playing. This latest technology brings a completely unique, outdoor digital game experience that will also help get kids to opt out of watching television and opt into playing interactive games on their outdoor trampoline. With games like “Whatzat?” – encouraging jumpers to create their own games — outdoor screen time can now kick-start the imaginations of children and adults. The tgoma digital game system also encourages families to enjoy some down time together by shooting for high scores with tgomaFit; spending time together while also getting a good workout.

Finally, these trampolines undergorigorous testing to ensure quality control, safety, and reliability. Springfreehas been the recipient of countless awards and accolades including the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the International Design Award, and the US Family Choice Award. With so many organizations approving of the design, this is an ideal item for even the hesitant parent to try out, and it is perfect for people of all ages. With so many quality and safety benefits added to this trampoline system, it’s no wonder that smart trampoline has become so popular.

What is a prepaid funeral plan?



You might find it difficult or a touch grim to think about planning for your funeral – let alone paying for it in advance. But with death as one of the very few certainties in life, there is every reason to plan for just how you want to be remembered. Just as importantly, perhaps, you and your loved ones are likely to spend considerably less money when making the arrangements you have chosen.

Making and paying for those arrangements in advance is the essence of prepaid funeral plans, so let’s see how one works – you might find the economic arguments compelling.

The cost of a funeral

According to information published by insurers Sun Life on the 14th of September 2016, the average cost of dying in the UK at the moment is £8,802 – this includes the cost of the funeral itself, your send-off (flowers, gravestone, venue for a wake or reception) and the administration of probate.

This increase represents more than 16 times the rate of inflation, explains Sun Life, with the cost of the basic funeral alone having risen by 5% since the last time the company conducted a survey of costs in 2015.

Beating inflation

The way to beating at least part of those costs is to freeze what you need to pay for the funeral itself. That is the idea behind a prepaid funeral plan.

You make the arrangements you want to be respected, but pay for them in advance, at today’s prices, rather than those which are likely to have escalated considerably when the time eventually comes. The sooner you make the arrangements for a prepaid funeral plan, in other words, the greater the savings are likely to be.

Funeral directors’ plans

You might be wondering what is so novel about prepaid funeral plans – after all many funeral directors offer the chance to pay for their services in advance and, so, help you stave off their increased prices in future.

How safe is that money you might have paid over, though? What if the firm goes out of business before your time comes? There is a risk that you might seriously lose out.

Prepaid funeral plans

With a prepaid funeral plan from a national provider, however, you may be certain of your money being safe until it is needed to pay your chosen funeral director – especially when that national provider is also a registered member of the Funeral Planning Authority (the industry’s self-regulator).

In that case, whatever you pay is kept safely and securely, either in a trust created specifically for that purpose, or applied to the purchase of a whole of life insurance policy, which pays out the guaranteed insured cash benefit to your designated beneficiaries whenever you die.

If your chosen funeral director does go out of business during the interim, your funeral plan provider is typically able to divert the relevant funds to another firm in your area.

In this way, a prepaid funeral plan may give you the reassurance and confidence of knowing whatever amount you have paid remains protected, yet serves to help ward off the financially painful effects of inflation.

Traditional pie and mash ideas



What names leap out at you when you are asked to point out a signature dish from the British kitchen? A roast perhaps? There is one dish in particular that has gained not only a band of loyal followers but such a group of diehard enthusiasts that they formed their own club to celebrate the fact.

And that culinary delight is none other than one of London’s most famous dishes, pie and mash – not to mention the special gravy or “liquor” that accompanies it.  The aptly named Pie and Mash Club was established in 1994 and is still going strong today – indeed, its diary from September 2016 to May of next year includes an itinerary of visits to 13 of the East End’s best-loved pie shops.

Delivered to your door

Not everyone in the country, though, has the chance to visit a traditional pie shop in person. That’s no problem either, since it is possible to order your pie and mash online and have the dish delivered directly to your own front door by special courier service.

Pie and mash ideas

At home, you might not be able to re-create the fully-tiled charm of the East End pie shop, but there are still a number of ways you can sit down to enjoy the dish.

If you are buying online, the pies arrive ready to eat as soon as they arrive – just pop them in the oven or microwave and they’ll soon be done. Or keep them in the fridge for a few days and serve whenever you are ready. You can even keep some in the freezer, so that you are never without a tasty, traditional, handcrafted pie to hand.

Traditional pie and mash makes a tasty and wholesome snack at probably any time of the day – or night.

You might want to eat it at lunchtime – when the pie shops of East London probably saw their busiest opening times. Or you can really go to down by having it on your next dinner party menu. Pie, mash and liquor must go down as one of the most interestingly different and fun dishes you can serve to your guests – and its unique history gives you ready-made conversation pieces around the dinner table.

Mash ideas

The pie and liquor is likely to go down so well in fact, that you’ll have barely a scrap left over when it comes to the end of the meal. But online or mail order deliveries of pie and mash typically come in more than generous proportion, so that some of the mashed potato, at least, might be ready to keep for yet another day – since the BBC’s Good Food guide suggests that if there is one part of any meal likely to be left over in the dishing out of food, it is mashed potato.

The website describes – and contains links to the recipes for – at least 10 novel ways you might want to think about using up any leftover mashed potato. These range from the use of the mash as a topping for your own homemade savoury meat pies to the surprising use of potato in baking a lemon drizzle cake.