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Getting Over a Breakup – When Do You Need Help

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At the beginning of almost every relationship, people tend to be overly enthusiastic. Too much enthusiasm, however, leads to a major disappointment if the things go south. Look at it this way, if a random acquaintance you like told you they no longer want to stay in touch, you might get upset. How about facing this kind of an attitude from a person you believed could be the love of your life? They say that time heals all wounds, unfortunately, sometimes this won’t be the case. When this happens, you may need some help and here are some examples of how this works.

Rely on Your Friends

After a breakup everyone has second thoughts. Sometimes, you will break up because you know it is the right thing to do, which doesn’t mean that it hurts any less. After a few days of initial optimism (after all, you are starting your life anew), you might begin thinking that you have made a mistake. You see, after a while, any experience gets colored by nostalgia so you will start remembering all the good things and forget all that made you break up in the first place.

If you are not the one who broke up, you may start developing a delusion that it was all a misunderstanding and that if you could just get one more opportunity to set things straight, everything would be back to normal. In both of these cases, you may try to contact your ex. At this dire hour of need, your friends should try and talk you out of doing this. They will usually do so by reminding you of all the reasons why this breakup is good for you. If you are going to a party and intend to drink, there are various tricks you can use to avoid calling your ex and giving your phone to a friend is one of them.

Looking for Professional Help

At the beginning, we mentioned getting upset; well, sometimes this is a euphemism that doesn’t even begin to describe how you really feel. Sometimes, we find that one person we are willing to invest all our time and effort in. In other words, we build our lives around them as a focal point. Naturally, the loss of that person leaves a huge gap in our hearts. Now, nothing is more natural than the feeling of sadness, but sometimes this is not all. In a lot of cases, this kind of scenario can result in a depression and when this happens, you might need to look for a professional aid. According to a renowned psychologist from Sydney, depression can be defeated easily if detected in time, while late discovery can be quite troublesome.

Meet Other People

Now, no one is saying that you should start dating right away, but surrounding yourself with new people can be helpful in many ways. Start going out on different places, find a new hobby that includes meeting new people and finally try to socialize as much as possible. You see, when you first break up, you believe that your life as you know it is over and there is definitely some truth to it. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing since when one door closes another one opens. If you open up to meeting new people, there is always a chance that this day will be the one you meet someone special in your life. It doesn’t matter if this turns into a friendship or a romantic relationship.


No matter how cliché it may sound to you right now: no matter what happens, the life goes on. Of course, this burden may sometimes be too heavy for you to carry on your own, but there is no reason for you to do this alone. Rely on your friends and family to get you through this, meet new people and after all, don’t be too proud to look for a professional help.

Marriage Advice from Celebrity Couples

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Private lives of rich and famous are extremely exposed, so we often hear about scandals, disputes, outrageous statements, and of course – rumors about new couples that emerged or the hottest news about luxurious celebrity weddings. Hollywood is filled with short term marriages and sometimes – love is put aside in favor of publicity. But what about those stars who tied the knot and have been married for years, even decades? There must be some secret to their success since they managed to resist the pressures of living in the public eye: it’s not that easy to protect your private love life from nosy paparazzi and fans. You surely can learn a few things from them: here are the best pieces of marriage advices to treasure.

Respect and reciprocity are crucial

In order to nurture a healthy relationship, you have to fully respect your spouse and accept them without holding back. As the star of Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey says – you mustn’t strive to change the other person according to your own desires. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had to put an effort to accepting each other: as Kanye said – his wife lets him say a lot of things most wives wouldn’t allow; but also – Kanye tolerates Kim’s daring photos and open sexuality on social media.

 Spicing your sex life

The most common thing that happens when you’re married for a long time is monotony. The spark gets lost and you’re left with a person you care about, although you feel no passion. Many couples reach a boredom rot, while their sex life becomes a routine or they stop having sex completely. The boring bedroom syndrome is real, but don’t wave your white flag just yet. Learn a thing of two from Beyonce and Jay Z: although they’ve been through some rocky paths, they’ve been married for over eight years now. A couple of years ago, they were caught buying sex toys in the amount of $6000! Victoria and David Beckham are also known for playing in the bedroom, while Hugh Jackman decided to buy sex toys in Australia to experiment a bit while on vacation: what’s stopping you from spicing things up? There’s no shame in having a bit fun!

Showing affection every day

In long-term relationships, people get used to having that special someone by their side, but they forget to show just how important that person is to them. You need to show affection on a daily basis. When asked about her secret to a lasting marriage, Julia Roberts simply replied: “Probably kissing.” Another great tip comes from the musician Luke Bryan: he said he gives his wife foot massages before bed – how cute! Take another piece of advice from Tony Goldwyn, too: he loves making Sunday waffles for his wife and to prepare her yummy meals. You have to try a bit to make it work, right?

Open communication is everything

So many married couples fall into a rut, so eventually – they stop having meaningful conversations. In the worst case scenario, spouses stop communicating completely, so they may resent each other, but don’t talk it out. This can lead to worse problems, such as cheating or even divorce. However, celebrity couples such as Emily Blunt and John Krasinski underlined the importance of talking to each other and being forever generous. Neil Patrick Harris and his other half, David Burtka, are on the same page with one thing: you cannot have a great marriage if you stay quiet. Conflicts can be healthy as they push your relationship forward.

Make a decision to be there – in sickness and in health

American singer Faith Hill made a really great point about the essence of a strong marriage. There are no secrets to it. You simply have to decide every day you’re going to be there for the person you love, through ups and downs, and try to laugh as much as you can, while cherishing each other.

Cherish and respect your partner. The bottom line is this: love evolves and you have to put a bit of effort to it.

A Complete Makeover: What Can I Do?

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Every few years or so, as we develop ourselves and our personalities even further, we get a need to alter our physical appearance as well. Of course, a complete body makeover is a huge undertaking and it requires a bit of planning and creativity, so if you need some additional inspiration, this is the place to start.

Start with Your Hair

Probably the quickest and the most effective way to change your appearance is to alter your hairstyle. Now, what hairdo you’re going to choose depends solely on your personal preference, but it’s a good idea to do something out of the ordinary. If you want to play it safe, try with a different length, a new bang style or some highlights, but if you wish to go to extremes, try a different colour or something completely over the top. The goal is to feel comfortable and beautiful with your new style, so try not to be influenced by anyone else but yourself. Also, if you’re feeling doubtful, remember that your natural hair will always resurface sooner or later, so don’t’ be afraid to try something new.

Change Your Makeup Style

Makeup is one of the essential beauty tools used by women all around the world. The great thing about makeup products is that you can achieve just about any desired look with just a few strokes of the brush. This might require a bit of practice, but after some time you can become a master of disguise. Experiment with different styles and bright colours, take inspiration from your favourite celebrities or simply rely on some creative online tutorials to get you started. If you’re feeling optimistic, you can always choose to apply for a professional makeup course so you’d learn all kind of tips and tricks on how to change your appearance at any given moment.

Let Go of the Past

One of the most important steps of the makeover process is learning how to part with the old version of yourself. While there are some things that you can easily get rid of, there are others that seem to follow you wherever you go. So, before you continue with your final makeover, make sure to gather all the belongings of your past self and throw them out (or better yet donate them.) But what happens if you have a memory imprinted on your skin? For instance, an old unwanted tattoo can be a great obstacle on your journey to find a new you, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be bothersome. Experts from Tattoo Removal Institute advise that when you decide to get rid of an old tattoo, you should set your expectations, inform yourself about the treatment and know that depending on the size and location of the tattoo, it might require a few treatments to completely remove it from your skin.

Renew Your Wardrobe

It’s important to realize that, in today’s world, a suit does make a man. If you wish to find new ways to express your individuality, your wardrobe can greatly help you with that. Find a style you like, a person you idolize and try to copy that style. Also, changing your usual colour palette can significantly alter your style, while with the right set of accessories and a bit of body confidence, every outfit you wear will look gorgeous.

There isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t cringe when reminiscing about their past styles, in terms of wardrobe, accessories, makeup and looks in general. And this is completely justified, as nobody can expect to stay the same and like the same things as they did in primary or secondary school. Learn who you are or who you want to be and set your makeover goals according to your expectations. The rest will come naturally.

I went on a Blind Date and It went Great

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It was late summer of 2013 when I said “yes” to a blind date that would change my emotional status for good; interestingly enough, it wasn’t out of desperation, at all. Rather – it was pure boredom.

I was never the one who’s up for these set ups (and I personally used to find them pathetic and fake); even though I did engage in a few, they always made me feel weird, restless and out of place. I honestly didn’t have the patience for all the fake excitement behind it. For me, everything about it was tiring and dull. I never felt the need to drag my love and sex life through the muddy attempts of blind date harmonies (that rendered staged and uncomfortable ploys to get laid), really. And while everyone around me took repeated chances to find their The One online, or through a friend of a friend of a friend… I kept my romances real. There were always guys around me who were giving it a go, and I enjoyed it. I loved the flirting, the temptation, the challenge. I figured “I am young, and this is the time to continually try and fail at love.”

The guys I used to date never managed to make me truly happy. Obviously, the basic happiness all of us need is the one that comes within, but then – you want to have someone standing beside you, making life easier. I needed someone who would hold my hand not because I can’t walk the walk on my own, but – rather – because I can. I longed for a partner, not a shag. I wanted my intellectual and emotional equal to wake up next to. The guys I was seeing failed at it, oh so terribly. Maybe it was my fault, I don’t even know.

One summer afternoon, a friend came up to me, saying she wanted to set me up with her cousin who was going to visit within a month. I laughed, my hands gesturing strong disapproval. Why she would even go there when she had known how disgusted I was with blind dates, I thought. She kept insisting, so I finally gave up. I accepted the setup and now – I am grateful to all Gods I did.

Dora gave me Steven’s number and, being the idiot I am, I texted him first. Thought I played cool. One text turned into a stream of texts, a phone call turned into regular, hourly conversations about everything and nothing, and everything about it felt so natural. Obviously, I would pinch myself from time to time, reminding myself of the possibility of illusion – I was always aware it’s easier to fall for an idea (of a person), than a person himself. I tried to stay rational about the whole thing as much as I could.

He came to town and we agreed to meet the day after. He was supposed to pick me up, so we could go for dinner to my favorite Italian restaurant. And he did. Once I heard the doorbell – my stomach tied into a knot, a rush of hotness overpowered my body, I started sweating, my hands shaking – I was done.

A smile and an awkward hug, both chuckling and noticeably shaking we started walking towards “Napoli”, interrupting each other’s sentences. It seemed like there was so much to say, but we were short for words, both of us. I twirled clumsily in my white little dress, he ran fingers through his hair every now and then, and we both knew we had to move past the awkwardness into something better.

“You know, this is insane. I feel like I know you. Like I’ve known you for a long time, but now, I can’t even talk to you because all I am thinking about is how I want to kiss you”, said Steven nervously, his eyes gazing into mine. The entire time walking, I kept thinking ‘does he like me or not’, worrying about every single thing I said or did. I felt a relief. I moved closer, looked up, pressed my lips onto his and it was the best kiss in my entire life.

I’ll never forget the way he smelled – like the ocean.

That night, he grabbed my hand firmly; three years later, he still hasn’t let go. Each day, I feel blessed.

Girls, let me tell you this; take chances in love, even if they’re blind dates. Coming from a blind dates skeptic – it’s an advice you want to take.

How Using Cotton Bags Can Improve Customer Retention Rates




It’s hard to overestimate the importance of repeat business. Sure, it’s nice to engage with customers who have never purchased from you before, but the stats don’t lie when it comes to repeat business.

In fact, your most loyal customers (those in the top 1%) will spend around 30 times more than the average consumer, and studies have indicated that just a 5% increase in repeat business can lead to profitability growing by a healthy 75%.

So, it isn’t hard to see that turning one-time buyers into loyal customers is absolutely crucial to the success of your business, but did you know that using bespoke cotton bags can help you accomplish that goal?

Here’s why.

Deliver Products in Style

Most businesses can’t afford to take deliveries into their own hands, but they can do their best to alter the way that customers feel when they finally get their package through. By picking out a bespoke bag, you can offer something out of the ordinary to people when they finally get what they’ve been waiting for. This really strikes a chord, and it helps bring back some of the excitement people experienced when they first decided to buy the product.

Provide Offers

Offering fantastic service and quality merchandise is clearly the best way to your customer’s hearts, but you can also give them more tempting reasons to revisit your website and order more. A great way to do this is by providing offers, and why not print them right onto the bespoke bag that the product gets delivered in?

Remain a Part of Customer’s Lives

If your one-time customer can’t think of the name of your company off the top of their head, it’s pretty unlikely that you will be hearing from them again. If you send out bespoke cotton bags, this isn’t something that you’re going to have to worry about. These bags last for years, and that’s exactly how long your customers will be using them. Whenever they use the bag, they will think of your company, so you’ll be indirectly marketing to them.

Become a master of entertaining kids

Some people just have that knack of entertaining groups of kids. They know how to talk to them, can predict what they’ll find entertaining and can get down on the carpet and play with them without inhibition. If you’re not one of these people you’ll no doubt be impressed, and also mildly confused. How DO they do that? It’s no mean feat to be able to walk into a room full of four year olds and start telling a story, including doing the voices as easily as they can walk into a room full of adolescents and not embarrass themselves by talking about a teenage sensation whose star waned not more than twenty minutes ago.

If you’re not one of these people blessed with a natural child affinity, it’s possible to learn how to bluff it. And here’s how.

It’s all about preparation. If you’re facing a situation where you’ll be dealing with children, babysitting nephews or nieces, attending a wedding where kids will be in attendance, doesn’t matter. The key is preparation. First of all, learn a story you can tell them. Not one of the standard skits but one they won’t have heard before. If you can do the voices and go on a freestyle riff, so much the better. And make it scary. Kids love that stuff.

If the kids aren’t in the mood for listening, you could come prepared by looking for entertaining toys and gadgets from the likes of Toddlers Stuff. Be sure to read their product reviews.

If all else fails, you could do worse than encouraging them to play a new game. One with simple rules that doesn’t take any preparation or need any kit beyond what you’ll find around the room.


Choose a hider and give them a napkin. The rest of the group leave the room and the hider hides the napkin somewhere with just a corner showing. The seekers have to find the napkin somewhere in the room, but they’re not allowed to touch anything. Once you see the napkin, you say “Rumplestiltskin” but don’t let on where you saw it. Once everyone has said Rumplestiltskin, the first person to see the napkin is the hider for the next round.

Who Said What Now?

This game is completely pointless but it passes time. It’s a mash-up of word association and Chinese Whispers. Sit the kids in a circle, and have to first one whisper a word to the child next to them, that child then has to whisper the first word that they think of to the next child. After each round ask the children to tell you what they said to get a unique insight into the workings of their minds.

Ming Mang Mong

Again, sit in a circle. Pick someone to start. They point at someone and say ‘Ming’. Ming must now point at someone and say ‘Mang’. Mang points to someone and says ‘Mong’. It doesn’t sound hard but it gets faster and faster. If anyone says the wrong name they’re out, but they are allowed to try to distract the players who are left. Utter chaos ensues.

Smile For Me

Tell one of the children “Honey, if you really loved me, you’d give me a smile!” They have to say “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t give you a smile!” without smiling. If they say it without smiling do whatever it takes to make them smile or laugh. Once they crack, it’s their go to tell someone “Honey, if you really loved me, you’d give me a smile!”

Wanna Buy a Donkey?

One child has to be the Donkey. You also need a Salesman. The rest of the kids sit in a circle around the donkey and salesman and the salesman selects a potential buyer. The salesman asks “Wanna buy a donkey?” Of course the child doesn’t and says so. So the salesman starts in with the pitch. They say something like “But this donkey can stand on its hands and bark like a dog!” Naturally the donkey has to do what the salesman says it can and when the prospective buyer laughs, they become the donkey and the donkey becomes the salesman.



Teaching kids about their environment


As the inheritors of our planet, kids have the biggest stake of all in preserving local and global habitats. They tend to respond better to playful, absorbing learning methods rather than lecture-style teaching, so making planet-friendly choices part of your life can have a huge impact!

Here are a few simple yet absorbing ways to teach them about their environment; from waste prevention to global warming for kids.

Get stuck in

Kids tend to learn most about the environment by interacting with it, so get out to your local park or woodland and enjoy those muddy puddles! Activities like spotting woodlice, birds or bats (best tried at twilight) make for a great day out, along with simple sensory experiences like the feel of different bark on the trees. Bring along a magnifying glass so that they can investigate up close for themselves.

While you’re outdoors, you can talk about what you’re seeing: robins are especially curious animals, for example, while ants can lift 20 times their own bodyweight. Then, they can draw or write a story about what they remember once you get home. Going on a local nature walk lead by someone who’s devoted their life to studying wildlife is another hugely enlightening option, and not just for kids!

Reuse, recycle

Learning the basics of waste prevention can start at a very young age. Ever noticed how kids are often more excited by playing with a cardboard box than the toy inside? Encourage this love of creative play by saving (clean) food and drink containers, loo rolls and even old scraps of curtain or carpet. These materials can be transformed again and again into spaceships, ancient tombs, jungles; their imagination is the limit! Ask older kids to help you sort through anything they don’t use for the recycling, giving them an idea of how recycling works practically.

Planting edible plants and herbs in the back garden is another easy (and delicious) way to prevent waste and bring food to the table with zero air miles and no packaging! To nurture their fledgling plants, challenge kids to collect scraps like vegetable peelings and coffee grounds to make a compost heap, which will miraculously convert kitchen waste to spongy soil!

Open discussion

Although a frequently contested topic, NASA’s latest figures show temperatures rising and arctic ice decreasing by 13.4% each decade, impacting habitats across the world. Most kids will have heard about global warming from one source or another, but they could be confused about what it actually is.

Talk the issue through with them, with the help of a global warming for kids guide or just your own knowledge. When it comes to talking through global warming for kids, it can help to focus on positive actions like deciding to walk or cycle more often. You may even want to involve them in big discussions about your own lifestyle choices, whether you’re thinking of buying a greener car or taking a train rather than a plane for your next holiday

Classic Songs about the Guitar




Ever wonder what inspires a songwriter to put the pen to paper? If you’ve made your own attempt at it, you know that writing a song doesn’t always follow a straight-forward, cookie-cutter process. While some singers take inspiration from the places they’ve been and the places they plan to go, others will turn to the relationships in their lives and the heartache they’ve experienced. Others still find inspiration in their lifestyle, with the biggest muse being their instrument.

Granted, there aren’t many songs about the drums or the piccolo. But there are plenty of songwriters who have decided to sing about their guitar. The following list highlights three of the most popular songs about the six-string instrument itself.

John Denver — “This Old Guitar”

Before his tragic death in an airplane crash, John Denver led a prolific career spanning over 300 songs and 25 studio albums. The American performer earned critical acclaim and commercial success with iconic folk-country songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, “Rocky Mountain High”, and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. Though “This Old Guitar” is not as familiar to those who aren’t intimately familiar with his discography, the song is a haunting yet beautiful example of how a guitarist can sing a love song to his instrument. The old guitar in question was his very first, a 1910 Gibson that his grandmother had given to him, which he had lost for several years. Upon their reunion, Denver felt compelled to write a song about what it had meant to him.

Neil Young – “This Old Guitar”

The Canadian icon has a legendary discography behind him, both as a solo artist and as a member of the supergroup, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, with such contributions to folk rock as the albums, Harvest and Déjà Vu. Though his singles “Heart of Gold”, “Old Man”, “Southern Man”, and “Helpless” get the most radio play on classic rock stations, today we turn to a recent recording. Track number 8 on his 27th studio album, Prairie Wind, details his career with his famous ‘53 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, Old Black. The Les Paul, which he acquired in 1969, has seen better days, as nearly 55 years of touring comes with plenty of wear and tear. Despite its poor condition, subsequent repairs, and other modifications, Young continues to record and tour with Old Black, which explains why he devoted an entire song to the Gibson.

The Talking Heads — “Electric Guitar”

While Denver and Young produced sentimental odes to their Gibsons, The Talking Head’s song proves that the relationship between a guitarist and his instrument can be a difficult one. On the aptly named 1979 album, Fear of Music¸ David Byrne recites in his signature discordant style to “never listen to electric guitar”. That, combined with the lyric, “someone control electric guitar”, and one could suppose Byrne was raising questions about both the power a musician can wield and the censorship they endure to stay signed on a major record label. In typical Talking Heads’ fashion, the song is far from the ballads of Denver and Young.

Whether you see instrument through adoring eyes or eyes of mistrust, chances are you feel pretty strongly about your Gibson, Fender, or Taylor. Your feelings might be negative, especially if it’s failing to produce the sounds that you want. Not all of us have the connections or money that Young does in order to keep a damaged Gibson alive. For the vast majority of us, it’s simply easier (and cheaper) to visit a music store and replace the older model. When wear and tear is starting to affect the quality of your notes, check out yourlocal music store, Long & McQuade for help. With a location in most major Canadian cities, and an extensive online store, they’re an excellent source for brand new, well-made instruments from a variety of manufacturers. Check out for your instruments’ accessories, too, making sure you have enough strings, picks, and pedals to match your brand new model.

With a gleaming Les Paul or Fender Strat in your hands, you might just find the inspiration to pen your very own ode to the instrument. Whether it’s a critical look at your old one or a love-struck melody about the new, when the emotions are strong enough, you won’t have any trouble writing about it. It may not have the audience that Denver’s, Young’s, or the Talking Head’s did, but that’s never stopped you before.

20 decorating tips to make you home look great with each changing season


It’s hard to decorate on a budget, as many homeowners worry about spending money on a wreath or wall art that’s only on display for a few months out of the year. Some people give up on seasonal decor, but others seem to embrace it. What secrets does this second group know that the first doesn’t? We dug in to find out.

The secret to amazing seasonal decor is finding pieces that can work year-round with a few changes. For example, LEDs through Christmas Lights, Etc can be adjusted to create a cozy glow during the holiday season, and then offer a warm welcome to guests during the summer. The lighting stays up during the year, but the ambiance changes and sets the scene for your decor.

Along these lines, taking steps like moving your furniture around to create an open floor plan, and adding accent items like pillows or centerpieces are easy ways to transform your home for the season. It’s even better that these items are relatively inexpensive and easy to store when they’re not in use. While you should never underestimate the power of light, take advantage of the power of smell to set the mood in a room. Walking into a space with a wonderful holiday smell created by a candle is the best way to get into the mood for the season.

These are just a few ways to revolutionize your room for the year. Keep reading to learn more than 20 decorating tips to use as the seasons change.

Paint your dream

Painting is the most inexpensive and quickest way to change your world in no time. The dramatic change caused by painting has huge impact on your room as it shines and changes your mood. Even a few inexpensive furnishing look great when you have the right backdrop.

Choose a theme

Find the right theme for each room regardless of whether you come across some ideas in interior magazines or if you have some color scheme in mind. It’s certainly the beginning of your interior plan. The internet will show you through a few DIY options.

Shake things up

Check out few awkward room arrangements online. A few surprising arrangements can do wonders as you move things within and outside your rooms.

Draw the spotlight on your home

Your homes are bound to look a prettier, bigger and brighter when the light gets reflected via mirrors. A few online tutorials might guide you in this regard.

Take a few snaps

Take a few shots and include them in photo frames if you aren’t able to buy expensive larger pieces of art work or if your wall has more pace to be filled out. Form a large group by hanging them in your walls.

Add more of greenery

Achieve a sense of style and life by including a few live houseplants to a room. It helps add more greenery to your room and proves quite inexpensive too. Even the roots are an object of attraction, so you must choose a vessel that looks clear and pretty.

Decorate with plates

Hang various wall art pieces and plates in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. A certain color palette that matches your room can help it get brighter and look bigger. All you need to make sure is that the decorative plates match the texture of your walls and exceed your expectations.

Include attractive fabric

Your slipcovers and thermal curtains will acquire a simple but attractive look with flat sheets. You’ll find a few DIY methods of creating placemats that reflect joyous patterns and live colors.

Use your personal items

You’ll find so many items in your closet that can be rearranged to improve the look of your rooms. You might need to add some decoration and view things with a creative perspective.

Try an act of disguise

Put things in disguise if you can’t replace them. Hide an unpleasant view with a touch of fabric and cover the stained carpet with a rug.

Hunt for the treasure

Gather attractive candles, crystal show pieces and picture frames by visiting the dollar shop in your locality. Your décor can be matched with painted furniture and fabric collected from quilts.

Make things shine!

You might be wondering how to magnify the appearance of your rooms. By cleaning the surfaces and windows, make them sparkle as if they’re new! It makes your rooms look more spacious.

Bathing options

Utilize throw rugs, shower curtains, window treatments and towel edging that make your bathroom look well coordinated and softened. The fabric must live up to your sewing skills.


Treat your windows and bedding with solid colors. Your style and mood can experience a swing when the accessories are replaced with time.

Kitchen makeover

Your kitchen counters, knobs, floors and cabinets can be transformed entirely with the help of paints. Things can last for long when you utilize quality sealer and primer. Compare the older photos to know the difference.

Add a sense of style

Your valuables and possessions are often meaningless when you can’t use them effectively. You must know how your bookshelves can be styled. Apart from being inexpensive, it can be fast, simple pretty.

Family tree

Make the most of your black frames by arranging group pictures in gallery style. Hang photos of your loved ones close to each other as if they’re forming a group. Ensure a variation in sizes to make things look more attractive.

Welcome entry

Make sure that the gateway to your home yields that welcoming comfort for visitors. You may choose to place a cozy chair, a chest or some other furniture that goes one well with your entrance.

Alternatives to sewing

In case you aren’t aware of sewing, visit a local craft store for picking an iron on hem tape. Use your iron for creating a rod pocket!

Get personal!

Your rooms are bound to look livelier and feel more interesting when you include some vacation discoveries and picture within a frame and place your personal items all around.