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Out-of-the-Box & Unforgettable Tourist Attractions

Travel destinations always have a set list of tourist attractions for people to visit and enjoy during their stay. But with a little effort, you can find hidden gems that really make the experience special and leave a strong impression.

We always enjoyed finding unusual, but beautiful attractions that moved us. Rather than go to run-of-the-mill locations with thousands of other tourists, we liked the challenge of finding something unforgettable and unique about each location we visited. And so with that in mind, my husband and I ran into some fun adventures during our travels.

These are the out-of-the-box experiences that we remember most fondly. Maybe they can inspire others to go off the beaten path and try finding their own interesting attractions!

Strange & Unique Tourist Attractions

Most people head to the usual and famous tourist attractions, like Stonehenge, Machu Pichu or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Not us – we try to find unique tourist attractions that are less popular and famous, but all the more interesting. Among the crazy things we have seen were a crazy castle in Montevideo where doors lead nowhere and rooms are built in a strange way, a gnome reserve in England, and a huge pineapple weirdly located in a South African farm. We took great pictures and they gave us great, out-of-the-box stories for our friends and families on our way back. Not to mention, our Facebook picture albums were very popular!

Musical Fountain Water Shows

fountain show

I still remember our very first musical fountain water show. It was a long time ago, but it feels like only yesterday. We were in our honeymoon in Aruba, which is an island that is heavily focused on entertaining tourists. We decided to walk to an active area in the city and were impressed by a beautiful water fountain. Then, the speakers told us to sit and enjoy the show – we had no idea what was going on. We spent the next hour absolutely fascinated by an exciting water show combining dozens of colors, bursts of water and beautiful music. As the water and colors swayed to the beat and harmony of the music, we felt so much emotion. It was an unforgettable experience and one of my best memories of Aruba. I highly recommend these water shows – they are inspirational and stunning!

Crazy Hotels

underwater hotel

Imagine waking up in an ice igloo smack in the middle of Norwegian winter. Or waking up with a stunning view of the mountains… from every angle of the room including underneath it. Sure, we could stay in a boring, walled up hotel, and now that we have children, for their safety, we do. But back in the day before the children, we always tried to find the most interesting hotels. The hotel had to be a part of the experience so we stayed in treehouse hotels, a salt hotel were everything (beds, walls, seats, etc.) was made of salt, and a completely see-through extension room on a cliff. Next time, we want to stay in an underwater room!

Try to find the more unique, impressionable tourist attractions wherever you go and you will see a different side of the location. It’s so much fun to diverge from the usual attractions and enjoy the diversity!

Tips to Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure because many individuals do not have enough room for them; therefore, they become impacted. By the time adults reach the age of 17 to 25 wisdom teeth should start to come in. They are the last set of adult teeth to develop and are the third set of molars. An impacted wisdom tooth may grow in at the wrong angle so that it hits another tooth, at a right angle so that it lays flat against the bone, or straight in but with no room to completely come out of the gum line.

Tips to Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Image Credits Edward, CC BY-SA 2.0

If your wisdom teeth need to be removed you will most likely experience pain, tenderness, possible infection, gum inflammation, damage to nearby teeth if you wait too long to remove the wisdom teeth, cavities, etc.

Wisdom teeth removal in Miami, FL is fairly popular with numerous clinics offering the procedure. Dr. Martos does a fantastic job offering different sedation options making the process as easy as possible. Some tips to help you recover from wisdom teeth removal include the items outlined below.

  1. Plan Ahead

Make sure you take into consideration when you schedule your tooth extraction surgery. It is suggested that you schedule it around a weekend or a timeframe where you can have a few days off of work so that you can relax at home for recovery. You also need to have someone drive you home from the procedure because you will be under some sort of anesthetic or sedation. After the procedure you will most likely sleep for several hours until that wears off. You will need someone to stay with you until you are awake and can take care of yourself.

You may also what to make a quick trip to the grocery store. Get some soft foods for the next few days such as pudding or Jell-O. Your teeth and mouth will be very sensitive for a few days after the procedure.

  1. Rest

It will be important that you rest as much as you can after the procedure. Always make sure your head is elevated while you sleep or relax. Stay clear of any strenuous exercise for three or four days until you have a bit more energy. Your first day after the procedure you will definitely want to relax at home in bed. You may need to take some pain pills during the first few days; therefore, remember not to drive or operate any machinery while you are taking these.

  1. Oral Hygiene

It is highly important that you place oral hygiene at the top of your priority list after your surgery. Make sure you brush your teeth, just be careful around the wisdom tooth extraction sites. You will want to rinse your mouth with salt water starting 24 hours after surgery two to three times a day. While you are bleeding, continue to monitor the gauze packs in your mouth. Change those out every 30 minutes as needed.

  1. Diet

During the first day or so while you are still numb, avoid foods that are hot. It is also suggested that you stick to liquids and soft foods for the first few days until you can safely chew food. You will also need to avoid rice, nuts, popcorn, etc. until the sockets are completely healed to avoid infection and discomfort.

Under no circumstances should you be using a straw after your wisdom teeth extraction surgery. This is one of the surest ways to end up with a dry socket. Avoid this at all costs.

  1. Icing

If you have some swelling and pain persists, try icing the side of the check closest to the extraction site. This will reduce the pain and swelling associated with the incision.

There are a number of other things you can do to reduce the recovery time and heal faster, but these five tips are the most common. If you follow these five tips, you should have a much better time recovering that most others. It is important that you follow these so that you heal as quickly as possible.  Good luck!

5 Time Saving Services Everyone Can Afford

We would all like more free time in our lives, and maybe you’re even aware of some time saving services like landscaping but are afraid you can’t afford the luxury. That may have been true 20 years ago, but these days the internet and automation cut overhead enough for these services to be available and affordable for almost anyone.

5 Time Saving Services Everyone Can Afford

Image by Pixabay, CC0


Still unconvinced? Our top 5 time saving service picks will give you great ideas to outsource your time consuming chores on a budget.

  1. Laundry Services

Many people are still under the impression that laundry services are out of their price range, but take a moment to run the numbers.

Then consider that depending on your city, laundromats or professional laundry facilities will wash, dry and fold your laundry for between $1-2/lb. Imagine throwing all the dirty laundry in a bag at the end of the week, having it picked up, cleaned and delivered back to you. That’s a lot of time and stress relief! Not to mention money saved on detergents and energy-hungry laundry machines.

Companies like Washio and YourPamperedHome service local areas. If they don’t serve your area, there are likely similar local options.

  1. Valet Storage

How many of us have public storage units we’d rather forget about, deep in some impersonal locker with poor lighting. Do you even remember what’s in there?

In comes valet storage, the better option for personal storage brought on by the digital age. Instead of dreary concrete lockers you have to spend all Saturday looking through for your fishing rods, valet storage:

  1. Provides you containers to fill, then comes to pick up the containers or other pieces for storage like furniture or your own boxes.
  2. Safely stores your belongings in a warehouse and places an online catalog of your belongings so you can keep track of everything remotely.
  3. You can have your items delivered back to your home; no need to visit the storage facility.

The best part is, valet storage prices are comparable to what you’re already paying for public storage. The best in valet storage are the Stow Simple storage company, so check to see if they service your area.

  1. Doctors at Your Door

It used to be common for doctors to make house-calls, and Pager is trying to bring back the trend. Text, call or schedule a home visit from certified medical professionals using Pager’s application.

The possibilities are endless. Have a sick toddler and don’t want to sit in the waiting room for an hour? Do you live alone and are too ill to leave? Want to know if your injury is serious enough to seek immediate attention, or to be given on the spot first aid advice? This is a potentially life saving tool everyone should look in to.

  1. Home Delivered Meals

Small families often have a tough time buying the right amount of food for a reasonable price- you won’t get any discounts at the grocery store for buying just two chicken breasts. Home delivered meals from sites like BlueApron and Plated seek to cater to smaller households with busy schedules who want affordable food without waste or bulk items taking up space in the freezer.

These companies go out of their way to simplify meal-time. Ingredients come with simple recipes so you can cook healthy food for your family with proper proportions. Better for you and cheaper than fast-food delivery, you’ll be hooked once you try your first home delivered meal.

  1. Household Chores

Sick of the ivy creeping up your exterior walls? Has your bathroom faucet been dripping for months? Now you can find a handy-man in your area at any time with helpful sites like TaskRabbit which connect local customers with local handymen.

You’ll be given a selection of workers to choose from, including their profiles, past reviews and rates. Now you don’t have to hire expensive firms or companies to do small jobs. Setting up with a local, affordable specialist has never been simpler.

Save time, save money!

Sometimes we forget to value our time, but with so little free time as it is, the price of your down time can’t be exaggerated. These solutions cost as much or less than their alternatives, so what are you waiting for? Outsource your time-consuming chores to specialists so you can spend more time doing the things you love.