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The Best Food in Miami


Miami is a mecca for foodies. From fresh seafood caught daily to international cuisine, the city offers hundreds of restaurants that can get you a great meal, whether it’s something casual for lunch or an extra-special dinner for a date with a loved one.

Trip Advisor ranks Jardim de Portugal #2 on the list of Miami restaurants. Open for lunch and dinner, it features seafood on the menu, but has some vegetarian entrees and beef for people who prefer them over fish and lobster. Make sure to check out one of the bacalhau dishes, the most prominent way fish is prepared in Portugal.

When you come to Miami, you need to experience the Cuban cuisine. Sergio’s was awarded the 2015 Best Cuban Sandwich in South Florida. With skinny selections on their menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’re sure to find something that tempts your palate, even if you need to eat healthier. Recommended by the Ocean Point Resorts, Sergio’s has a number of locations around Miami, so you won’t be far away from one.

Tom Collichio, from Top Chef, finally opened Beachcraft near the Miami Beach Convention Center. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s one of the most talked about restaurants in the Miami area, noted for its sustainable menu. If you’re looking for octopus, this is the place to go.

Epicurious ranks Nobu as one of the best places to get sushi in the Miami area. Nobu has a no reservation policy, and while its dining room doesn’t seem elegant from the outside, both jet setters and tourists alike stop by for traditional sushi blended with elements from South American cuisine for a unique dining experience.

Miami Eater recommends Firito Taco & Bocce on the Upper East Side. Try a bahn mi-inspired taco while you watch the bocce court. You can even grab a game and beer while experiencing a casual lunch on the patio. Also, don’t forget to try one of the house made Paletas or an agua fresca to cool you off on a hot Miami afternoon.

Miami might be known for its glitz and glam, but there are plenty of budget restaurants in the area to help you save some dough. El Rey del Chivito features a Uruguayan steak sandwich, complete with flank steak, ham, a fried egg, and mozzarella cheese served on a plate of fries. After a day at the beach, you’ll enjoy this casual place as if you’re in Uruguay.

Ceviche is a common dish in South American cuisine, and the locals choose Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & Latam Grill as their go-to joint. The Ceviche Spoon Sampler gives you six different options. Enjoy their menu for lunch or dinner, or a special weekend brunch.

Flanigan’s has a more Americanized menu; despite this, it’s still a local favorite with its award-winning ribs, making it the most popular dish. You’ll find old favorites like a classic burger and at the same time find some great seafood specials like shrimp scampi or grilled tuna. Flanigan’s has lunch specials that will fill you up without breaking your bank. And even better, you won’t need a reservation.

Clive’s Café serves some of the best Jamaican food in the area. It recently moved to a bigger location, so it has more than 12 seats. Get a breakfast of akee and saltfish, which is a traditional Jamaican favorite. Akee is a fruit from the lychee family sometimes called vegetable brains. It’s something you shouldn’t miss when you’re in the area.

Use Movavi Photo Batch To Resize Your Plum Cake Recipe Photos


With Christmas knocking at the door, it’s pretty obvious that folks everywhere are eagerly counting days for the delicious Christmas cake. Among all the cakes for Christmas, it’s the plum cake that commands the best fan following. Just a handful of things on earth can be compared to the amazing delight called homemade plum cake. Are you famous among your family and friends for your rich plum cakes every Christmas? Then, it would be a great service if you upload your plum cake recipe online.

As you offer the recipe, make sure to upload pictures of every aspect of baking the cake to ensure a clearer view for your readers. In case, the pictures need a premium resizing, you can take to Movavi Photo Batch to resize pictures on windows 7.

The post here is all about resizing images on windows 7 with the Movavi software.

Download & install

Get Movavi Photo Studio in your device (downloaded from Movavi’s official site) & the Photo Batch application would be automatically downloaded & installed in your Windows 7.

Select & add the photos

Click on File button & pick the pictures individually. If you want to resize all the images from the photo folder, click on to Folder and the whole folder would be uploaded immediately.

Resize your image

The Movavi Photo Batch enables the users to resize the photos based on several options. There are specific options to select the width (Scale to Width), height (Scale to Height) etc. The other options are Scale by Percentage, Maximum Size, Scale to Size & Custom Size. Go to Go to Resize & choose the needed Resize mode. The Maximum size option would allow you to set maximum width & height & larger images would be easily fitted without stretching or cropping.

The Scale to Size option will resize the images as per defined size whilst maintaining the original proportions. The Custom Size option will allow you to place exact width & height of the photos.

Reduce size by format & quality

Go to Format & Quality & select preferred format from Output format. Pick JPEG as output format & adjust JPEG Quality.

Export Downscaled images

Go to Batch Export & look for the options.  You can pick Save to new folder if you are looking to set a different folder directory for the resized photos. Otherwise, you can opt for Save to original folder and back up originals. Finally, click on OK to kick-start exporting.

How the World of Cinema Changed After Invention of DVDs

Since the introduction of Compact Discs (CD), video discs have evolved phenomenally with time. The 1990s welcomed a new format of video and movies —DVD. Upon its arrival, the DVD became furiously popular, and the sales of this digital format became a worldwide sensation starting from Japan, to the United States, to Europe and to Australia. Before DVD there was the VHS format, which — upon the arrival of DVD — began to be phased out completely. Not only movies, but even video games were sold in the DVD format. Originally called as the ‘Digital Video Disc’, it also came to be known as ‘Digital Versatile Disc’ due to its varied applications.


Photo by Security, CC0 1.0

In the progress of cinema from analogue to digital, the evolution of DVD played an important part. Movies came to be released in the DVD format a while after they were released in theatres. These DVDs contained not only the actual movie, but along with it some interactive material that ardent movie-goers would love to experience. The inclusion of deleted scenes, interviews with the cast and crew members, making of the movie, behind the scenes etc., are all just a few of the things, a fan would enjoy. These features that come with the DVD are the attraction that the audience is looking for. Filmmakers have used this aspect to their advantage by including various enjoyment sources for fans.

Why are these special features included in DVD?

It is just a way of telling people that the stories that are shown in movies aren’t over in those two hours spent in the movie theatre. Additional content adds a certain charm and appeal to movies that the spectators can’t miss. The advertisement of DVDs armed with these special features creates a stir in the minds of people, urging them to make an effort of purchasing these DVDs. What you once saw only on TV interviews with actors, where you waited for the mention of your favourite movie, can now be stacked in your shelf of DVDs that you can pick up any time and watch to your heart’s content?

For directors and producers, this is a great platform to get more fame and money even after having released the movie in theatres. Attracting a large amount of people who are passionate about the movies they watch, using the medium of DVDs has changed the scope of cinema radically. Even though these people might have watched the movie two or three times in the theatre, they wouldn’t skip buying the DVD and watching it in the comfort of their homes; also checking the special features added to the small disc they’re holding in their hand. All of this was only possible with the evolution of digital cinema. Before this, viewers couldn’t enjoy watching their favourite actors talk animatedly about their experience exclusively in that movie; neither could they watch the fun behind the scenes or the bloopers that happened during filming.

For the viewers, it has been a good platform to watch the actors, directors and the crew engaging in these normal things as opposed to the larger than life characters that they portray. Fans often enjoy getting to know the actors personally. They can’t be standing outside the doors of their favourite actors and watch them live their daily life, now, can they? DVDs gave viewers an insight on how the movie is made, what all goes down in the creation, action and post production. Aside from said interactive features, DVDs also include the process of creating special effects. People have always wondered as to how the editors and artists create the digital effects that give the movies their grandeur. Special effects have left the spectators in awe, and there is nothing better than actually getting to see how they’re done.

What are these features that make a DVD look so attractive apart from the points mentioned?

Those would be the shots of editors working during post production, interviewing them on how things are done and how these effects are created and shown on the screen…it is all relatively appealing to the enthusiastic fans. For example, wouldn’t you like to see how the animators of Frozen or the Pixar movies created the characters from scratch and added those special effects? Or take movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Avengers etc. for example, those took VFX and editing to a whole new level, and fans are eager to know how the process of it all goes down. It’s a very appealing factor in movies; and DVDs including these features is a cherry on top of the cake.

Not only have movies been inculcated into DVD format, Television has followed in the footsteps too. There are TV shows that have released all of the seasons in DVD formats that fans can buy. There are also a few shows that after they stopped airing —were exclusively released on DVD. These DVDs also include special interviews with the cast, making, and behind the scenes. Don’t you want to know what naturally funny incidents took place on the set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? The popularity of such TV shows is what pushes the makers to create DVD formats for the audience so they can take a look at the filming and the interesting facets. Along with that, artists release their albums along with some special features in DVD too. Music videos are distributed through DVDs, which come in different editions that include unique content depending on the type of edition. Collectors purchase these high-end editions to watch all of these additional features; and also to display the attractive looking cases on their shelf.

Fantasy and sci-fi movie DVDs come not only with special content, but also have game formats released alongside. They might come in the collector’s edition with the movies, or they might be sold separately. There are various games available online that the fans can take a look at to enjoy the world of these particular movies. But along with that the games are released for the X-box, Playstation 2 etc. also in DVD formats. This is another selling factor for the movies, and the evolution of those in the digital world has been quite astounding.

Long gone are the days when movies were sold in the cassette tape system that required a separate player for the same. Now DVDs can be played in your DVD player, as well as your computer. The BluRay format has also become one of the most sought after versions of DVD, since it provides an outstanding quality of movies. Everybody likes to watch the intricate details and to closely get to admire the things that they might have missed when first watching the movie. DVD has changed the course of movies astonishingly, and it is no hassle for people to convert 8mm to DVD these days with the help of a professional.

This digital format has evolved quite well after its inception, and the digital world has only proven to be a good environment for DVD to progress further. In conclusion, all there is to say is that the digital world kick-started with an agenda to change the way we look at movies, and the DVD format has not only lived up to its expectations, but also crossed the boundaries that years ago nobody thought it would. Today, we have movies sitting in the shelves of our living rooms, with those added features that make them so alluring and fascinating, as it takes us out of the physical world and leads into the opulence of movies.



Many Of The Great Benefits To Gambling Online


Of all the areas of business operating on the internet nowadays, the online gambling and casino industry is without a doubt, the most profitable.  Millions of people wager on sports events, play poker in an online casino environment or even play lottery and bingo online on thousands of different sites across the globe.  If you are unsure that online gambling is right for you, in the following article we have put together a list of what we feel are the best and most important benefits of visiting online gambling sites.


Where else besides an online casino is it possible to jump from a poker table to a craps table then a bingo hall without moving from your comfy armchair?  One of the best things about the majority of online casinos is the fact you are able to choose from a wide variety of popular games and what’s more, you can often play different types of games simultaneously on just one account on one main website.


Physical casinos do not often offer their patrons free money to gamble with, if at all.  However, online casinos do, and frequently too.  The reason they do this of course, is to try and encourage you to sign up for an account with them and to beat their competitors.  The bonuses are often anything from a free £10 to play to with for just downloading their casino software to receiving a free £100 for playing a pre-determined number of raked hands.


This goes without saying – there is nothing more convenient than being able to sit in the comfiest chair in your house, listening to your own music, eating your own food and drinking your own beer or wine and logging on to an online casino for a little bit of a flutter.

No Smoking Or Dress Codes

Regardless of whether you are a non-smoker or a smoker, mind adhering to a dress code or don’t; when you gamble online at home, you are free from sticking to the rules.  It doesn’t matter if you are in your grubbiest clothes or completely naked – no-one is going to see you so it doesn’t matter;  You are free to play in whatever state of dress, undress and eat whatever while placing bets and trying to win that poker game.


Although a casino can be a very glamorous and glitzy place, it can also be a very distracting one.  When you gamble from the comfort of your own home, you are free from all the bright lights, pretty women and annoying guys with giant cigars and are able to concentrate better on whatever you are playing.

Newbie Friendly

Physical, bricks and mortar casinos can be very intimidating places for the uninitiated.  While most online casinos are specifically designed and often targeted directly at newcomers to newer, less experienced gamblers.  There are plenty of different play modes to choose from an often a plethora of very comprehensive and interactive tutorials to help you get started.

Pamper yourself with a spa day at home


As nice as it is to spend a day in a spa, for most of us this is a luxury rather than a regular occurrence. Why not bring a taste of tranquillity and relaxation home by creating your own spa experience? Follow our steps to achieve ultimate bliss in your bathroom at home.

Set the scene

Start off by ensuring that you will be able to fully relax by switching off and getting some peace and quiet. Set your phone to silent or leave it in another room to avoid any distractions from the task in hand- chilling out. Recreate the ambience of a spa in your own bathroom by dimming the lights and lighting some candles. Scented candles are a bonus to create an aromatic environment, along with some quiet music.


Sinking into a hot bubble bath really is the heart of any pamper evening. Soothe sore muscles with bath salts, or try a bath bomb for a lovely scented soak. A steamy shower can have a similar effect if you don’t have a bath, but as the colder evenings draw in you have a great excuse to invest in a bath if you want to make pampering sessions a regular occurrence.


Now is the time to dig out all of those lotions and potions that have been languishing in your bathroom cupboard. Indulge in a facemask or hair mask, smooth on that body scrub or oil and then just lie back and unwind… you deserve it. For bonus points leave your pyjamas or dressing gown on the radiator beforehand, so that they are warmed up ready for you when you exit the bathroom. Hopefully by now you will be feeling a lot more relaxed, and ready to float off to bed and curl up with your favourite book or film.

Tips on Winterizing a Toronto Home


The colder weather of winter is not too far off, which means that a homeowner will have to make sure they have all of the elements in place to stay warm. The last thing that a homeowner wants is to have their home frigidly cold during this time of year. There are a number of things that a homeowner can do in order to keep their home warm during the winter months. Taking the time to figure out what can be done can be very beneficial for a home and a homeowner. Here are a few of the things that a homeowner can do to keep their home warm during these frigid months.

Get the Heating Unit Checked

One of the first things that a homeowner will need to do when trying to prepare for winter is to have their HVAC unit inspected and maintained. Letting professionals handle this type of work will ensure it is done the right way. Be sure to take some time to figure out which of the companies in an area will be the best fit for this type of work. This research will pay off in the end when the right work is done to the heating unit.

Checking the Windows

When trying to get prepared for winter, a homeowner will also need to give their windows a check. The older that the windows in a home get, the harder it will be for them to remain properly sealed. The seals that are around the windows will begin to fail over time and let the cold air from outside in. When a homeowner notices this type of leaking, they will need to get the windows replaced. Calling on professionals, like Thermo Bilt, is the best way to get this job done in a hurry.

Get an Energy Audit

Another great way to get a home ready for the winter is by getting an energy audit. The more you are able to find out about where a home is wasting energy, the better off you will ultimately be. This type of audit can be very beneficial and is well worth the money that a homeowner pays. Be sure to search around the area to figure out which company can provide the most comprehensive and cost effective audit. The research put in is essential in getting the right company hired.

The time that a homeowner puts into getting their residence in shape for the winter is worth it. Be sure to employ the help of professionals during this process.

How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day


A bad hair day can have two negative impacts, one on your mind about the way you look and the other on those who see the way you look. Well, agreed that your hair going haywire is definitely not something to laugh at. If you have been having bad hair days too often, it is high time you set things right so that you have a glorious hair day, every day.

1. Start with Haircut

This is exactly where you need to start if you want to turn your bad hair day into a beautiful hair day. Have a professional suggest the type of haircut that would suit you, and then you make the call. Some haircuts may really look great on you however, deep inside, you may feel that they do not suit your image. Go for the style that you will be confident about and you will make heads turn in your direction.

2. Maintaining Matters

Now, you have a great hair cut and what next? Keep working at your hair so that it does not fail on you on your day out. Groom your hair every day without any excuses. Regular maintenance ensures that your locks won’t shock you. Visit your salon regularly to maintain the haircut you are comfortable with so that managing your hair at home becomes easier.

3. Conditioning at Bedtime

You may be too tired to care at bedtime but imagine having a bad hair day the following day and you will be all ready for bedtime conditioning. Use your conditioner before going to bed. Rinse your hair with water the next morning. Conditioning at bed time ensures that your hair stays in place.

4. Importance of Diet

Having a balanced diet is vital to your hair health. Your hair needs the nutrients to grow. Lack of nutritional value in your diet leads to hair loss, which could be worse than you can imagine. Have your share of proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth. You can stock organic superfood powders to take care of your supplementary needs.

5. Know Your Products

Never let the ads mesmerize you into using a product. Make a wise choice based on your needs and the ingredients in the products. A wrong selection not just causes a bad hair day but ruins your hair altogether. You can ask your hair stylist for assistance.

Olive oil is an excellent conditioner. Take some oil and mix it with aloe vera gel and apply it on your hair. The combination strengthens your hair and is easy to maintain as well.

6. Dry Well for Hair Health

Drying your hair using the right technique will prevent bad hair days. Both air drying and blow drying have their shares of positives and negatives. Whichever technique you use, ensure you do it right. If air drying is your natural choice, avoid using a towel to rub your hair dry. Blot the moisture gently with your towel and detangle the locks with your finger tips. Use a comb with wide teeth on your wet hair once you are done with the initial steps.

Blow drying suits those who are time-deprived. The technique can also be used on cold days when air drying can take ages to get your hair dry. However, if you are about to grab your blow dryer, ensure that your hair is not thoroughly soaking wet. Before using the blow dryer, use a towel to blot out moisture. Hold the dryer around five inches away from your wet hair.

7. Silk Sleep

Do you love anything and everything cotton? Your hair does not, at least while you hit the bed. Sleeping on cotton pillow cases deprives your hair of moisture as the cotton takes away all the moisture. A silk or satin pillow cover can keep your hair moisturized and prevent bad hair days.

It is not humanly possible to have your hair look great every day, but at the same time, you do not want to look like a vagrant or a homeless person with disheveled hair. Make sure you follow these tips to keep your hair manageable and looking great without working too much on them.