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Keeping your Stock Animals Safe Outdoors


Keeping animals, no matter what kind, can be extremely rewarding, depending on what you hope to get out of it. When it comes to keeping stock animals, sheep, cows, horses etc. of course you are probably looking at getting a regular return investment whether it is selling horse riding lessons, milk, wool or meat. However it is essential that you make sure the animals are well looked after, otherwise what is the point of getting them in the first place?

First of all, you want to make sure that you have enough space, inside and outdoors, for keeping stock animals. There is no point in buying large animals if you’ve nowhere to exercise or even keep them. Larger animals will need more grazing space and space to run around and lie down in, otherwise they’ll get depressed and lead short, sad lives. Once you have your space, either a large stable or an open field, you’re off to a good start.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the things you can do to make sure your animals are safe when outdoors.

Plenty of Shade and Water

You’ve got your open space, now you need to make sure it contains everything your animals need to stay happy, cool and well fed. While not so crucial during the winter, in the summertime you will need to have shaded areas so that your animals can keep out of the sun and cool down. An open barn or a copse of overhanging trees works nicely and it is also a good idea to keep cool clear water in the shaded area as well.

For both cows and horses, having clean hay and straw for them to chew on is not necessary, but it is a nice bonus. If you think of your stock animals almost as pets, you want them to have a good life, right? Think of the clean hay and straw as a sort of treat and one that they are certainly welcome to.

Choosing the Right Fencing

Keeping your animals properly fenced in will help prevent breakouts, runaways, and attacks from wild animals (we do get them in the UK!). There are a number of different fencing solutions for protecting stock animals, so it is really up to what you prefer when it comes to choosing the best one.

Post and Rail – Fairly simple, sparse fencing that does the job. It is strong and sturdy and can take a beating without falling down.

Wire Stock – Although slightly less sturdy than post and rail fencing, this sort of fencing is more for display than anything else. The wires act as a deterrent for both animals and potential trespassers and do a good job of stopping anything from coming near.

Electric Fence – Another alternative to post and rail fencing which does a good job of keeping animals in and trespassers out. However you may need to install a warning sign if your property is near any nature walks, just to avoid any potential lawsuits.

Bolts and Hinges for Stable and Paddock Gates

Fencing does no good if you have a faulty gate that can easily let the animals out! Investing in a good, sturdy gate with strong, reinforced and galvanised hinges is extremely worthwhile. There are also a wide range of different bolts and hasps that you can buy that are specifically designed to keep stock animals in. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a bolt or hasp online or in a store.

Whether you have 5 animals or 50 animals, their safety is of paramount importance, particularly if they provide some source of income for your home. By taking into account their own strengths and weaknesses and making sure your animals are always safe, happy and healthy, you put less stress on both your animals and your keepers. If your animals are happy and always have access to food and clean water, they are less likely to cause trouble or charge and that means less sleepless nights for you!

Even though stock animals are not considered to be the same thing as ‘pets’ or other animals, they still love and hurt and need to be looked after properly, so taking steps to ensure your animal safety goes a long way in making sure they are well looked after. Happy animals are more likely to be healthy animals, so keeping them safe is in your best interests. Plus, you certainly don’t want your animals to be wandering off and causing accidents on roads or at neighbouring properties, so bear that in mind! If you do your research and make sure that everything is secure, you can create a good environment for your stock animals to live in.

Article provided by Chariot Fencing, a professional fencing contractor based in Gloucestershire  – supplying and installing all types of garden fencing, stock fencing and commercial fencing for more than 10 years.

Guidelines to a Hassle-Free Travel with the Kids


Kids can be a handful. They love to run everywhere. They throw tantrums every other hour. They spill foods and drinks on their clothes. They do not want to eat when it’s time to eat. But they want to eat chocolates and junk foods even when you said they couldn’t and they shouldn’t. Now, imagine travelling overseas with two or three toddlers? Que horror!

Do not be too disheartened moms and dads out there who wish to travel abroad but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their kids behind. There are ways to keep your travel stress-free even though you have bunch of kids with you.

Have a pep talk with them before you leave.

Toddlers already know how to listen. However, you must talk to them carefully so they’d understand and obey. So, make sure you sit down with them for a pep talk before your trip. Explain to them that you will go to a place far from home so they should behave well since you are not very familiar to the place. Also explain the repercussions of disobeying you or being too playful.

Make them carry a piece of paper with name and your contact numbers.

If you’re travelling abroad, your biggest worry is losing your kids among big crowds. They love to run around and sometimes, you cannot control them. For safety precautions, you should make sure to put a piece of paper in their pocket wherein your name and contact numbers are written.

Always bring extra shirts.

It is a known fact that kids are playful and hyperactive. It would be very wise to make sure you have extra shirts with you everywhere you go. This is to allow them to change clothes when they are too sweaty or dirty already. An extra shirt is also handy whenever you eat and they tend to spill foods on their clothes. Keep them clean to avoid illness during your trip. You do not want to spoil the fun!

Arrange your transportations and bookings in advance.

Another useful tip for parents is to arrange all your bookings – hotels, restaurants, parks and your transportations- beforehand.  It would be convenient to hire transport services in advance like car hire in Christchurch when you are in New Zealand to avoid hassles of hailing cabs or using public transportations. Not all countries have easy transport system, so hiring one when you are with kids, is the safest way to avoid stress in travel.

Bring their favorite toys.

Another trick to help you keep them nice and behave is to bring their favorite toy. Ask them to choose their favorite and make a deal that they can bring it with them only if they behave.

Kids may be naughty and playful but they are still very adorable and you surely want to share the experience and precious moments abroad with them. So, don’t let the thought about them being a handful hinders you of travelling with them. Follow the guidelines discussed above for hassle-free travel with your little ones.

Is an eco-friendly home a perfect fit for your family?


At varying points, we’ll all wish we could contribute more towards saving the planet. Whether it’s being more mindful of our energy usage, installing solar panels, walking to work, or recycling, there are numerous ways that you can become the eco-warrior you’ve always wanted to be. Have you ever considered building your family an eco-friendly home, though?

Key features for your eco-friendly home

Solar panels are an excellent way of creating energy for your home without harming the environment – plus unused electricity can be sold back to the energy board for a profit. A water storage system is also a great idea; trap and use rainwater, reuse your home’s own water supply, and turn water into an energy supply. If you’re worried about keeping your home warm in the winter, or cool in the summer, think about your walls – insulation in your attic and walls will greatly reduce energy bills, save the environment, and keep you comfortable, while walls that store and convert thermal energy into power will form an integral part of future eco homes.

What are the pros and cons of creating an eco-friendly home for your family? For starters, you’ll be helping to save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, saving a bundle on your energy bills, and creating a safe and happy home for your family, as well as enabling you to become a part of the future of home ownership. On the flip side, creating and building your own property can be incredibly stressful, forcing you to overcome planning issues, logistical nightmares, and architectural errors along the way. In addition, the task of building a house, especially to such exact specifications, can be hugely costly. If you’re still up for the challenge, though, read on.

Planning and building an eco-friendly house

Eco-friendly homes are incredibly fashionable at the moment, and inspiration can be found everywhere. Take a look at the types of building material being used in properties around you; insulated materials, specialist glazing and steel are all commonly used, and you’ll notice large windows to make the most of natural light, as well as solar panels to harness the sun’s rays. Furnishing your home needn’t be an end to the eco-friendliness of your new pad; upcycled, or vintage, furniture, items made from recycled goods, and those sourced responsibly, will make your new house a home.

It’s essential to entrust the building of your home to a firm that understands just how important every detail is to you, as well as a company that is able to source environmentally responsible items. Certified experts such as M1 Building Group are assets to any eco-friendly build. The company, which is owned by Middle Eastern investment holdings firm M1 Group, has recently introduced eco-friendly design into its real estate builds worldwide. If you’ve never considered what may be involved in building your own eco house, M1 Group’s expertise will be invaluable.

Building an eco-friendly home for your family may be one of the most rewarding projects you ever undertake; how else will you ensure that your house is everything that your family needs, as well as helping to save the environment?

3 Things that a Calgary Homeowner Needs to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub


The best part about being the owner of a home is the freedom that it gives. A homeowner can add anything that they want to their residence without asking anyone. With all of the options out there in the world of home additions, finding the right one will not be easy. If looking for an addition that will be both fun and functional, then Calgary hot tubs is just what you need. Here are some of the things that a homeowner will need to consider when trying to find the right hot tubs.

Where Will You Buy it From?

The first thing that a homeowner will have to figure out when trying to make sure they get the right hot tub is where they will be getting it from. Usually, there will be a variety of different suppliers in an area and finding the right one will not be easy. Ideally, you want to find a supplier that has been in the business for a while and that has a track record of providing quality hot tubs for Calgary homeowners. The more that a homeowner is able to find out about the suppliers in the area, the faster they can choose the right one.

Where Will the Hot Tub Be Placed?

Once the right hot tub has been chosen, the homeowner will then need to think about where they are going to put it. Usually, a concrete slab will need to be poured in order for the hot tub to be placed on. This type of foundation will help to ensure that the water spilling out of the hot tub will not affect that way that it sits. The money that is paid for this slab will be worth it in the end.

How Much Are you Willing to Spend?

Another very important thing that a homeowner will have to figure out when buying a hot tub for a home is how much you are willing to spend. Most homeowners are surprised about just how much a hot tub can cost. Knowing the budget for this purchase before going in to the supplier will make it easy to narrow the options. Taking the time to figure out what you can spend will pay off when you are able to get the right hot tub at the right price.

Choosing the right supplier is a big part of getting the right hot tub. The right supplier will be able to advise the homeowner on what they need to get.

How to Create a Dust-Free Bedroom


House dust mites are tiny, microscopic animals that live in our homes, feeding on shed human and pet skin. They cause allergies, asthma, eczema and other unpleasant health issues and that’s why getting rid of them is one of the most important household chores. These creatures are incredibly resistant and fast, traveling throughout the homes in search for cozy, warm and humid place where they can live. They are usually found in mattresses, sheets and night clothes, which are the perfect environment for them.

Although not all people are allergic to them, it’s best to clean and maintain your bedroom and mattresses periodically. The dust mites can’t be completely eliminated, regardless of how clean your home is. However, there are several good ways to reduce their number, keeping your bed mite-free and preventing all unpleasant issues that might happen.

Checking for mites

Dust mites are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, you need to use the mite detection kit (or the magnifying glass). Mites are so tiny that they are hard to spot, even with the magnifier and if you notice something else on the mattress (with the naked eye), be sure that it’s not a dust mite. Detection kit is easy to use: you collect the dust sample from bed or carpet, perform the test and read the results. The test consists of reagents that are sensitive to high level of allergens. Never skip doing this test if you experience sudden symptoms such as rash and itching when you go to bed.

Cleaning the bed

Even if you don’t detect the mites, there are several things that need to be done occasionally. From time to time, strip the bedding and mattress covers and wash them in hot water (over 130 F). You can also use a mite-killing detergent. Mattress cleaning should be done occasionally, even if the test doesn’t detect a presence of mites. However, if you do detect them, or if the risk of having them is high (humid air), all these actions should be done more frequently. There’s one more thing you can do: sprinkling baking soda on the mattress and vacuuming it after 15 minutes – this will remove most of the dust mites.

Killing the mites

Boiling and vacuuming are just two ways of removing the mites. The other methods include freezing, poisoning and putting them in a hot tumble dryer. Beating them out of the mattress is another good way of killing them. If the mattress is already used it should be carefully vacuumed and sprayed with a mite killing spray. It would be good to do all this before you move into the new apartment (especially if you will be sleeping on used mattress). If this sounds too tiring for you, you can always call the professionals to help you and make your bedroom safe and clean.

Keeping the bedroom mite free – prevention

Regular cleaning and weekly washing of the bedding is half of the prevention. Since dust mites love humid areas, get rid of the excess humidity with the help of the air conditioner and keep the room temperature below 70 degrees. Also, don’t make your bed immediately after getting up –bed needs to be aired during the day so that all moisture can evaporate. Use pure cotton mattress covers and anti-mite pillows that will soak all the sweat and shed skin. If possible, get rid of the bedroom carpets, and don’t forget to dust the whole room and vacuum the floors on a regular basis.

The truth about locksmiths

The truth about locksmiths

When you think of a locksmith, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The truth is, locksmiths can do a lot more than to help get you back inside your car, place of business or home. A reliable locksmith can also determine if your other existing locks are functioning correctly or if they’re at risk of permitting an easy break-in. Not to mention a catalog of other services you probably wouldn’t associate with a locksmith Take a look at the following information below, and see why a locksmith can help you in more ways than one and other things you should know.


It seems as though “scam locksmiths” are all the rage circulating the security market, so it’s imperative to be wary of their presence. It’s a smart idea to find a reputable locksmith company you’re sure is legit before you actually need them. Once you get their information, tuck it away inside your wallet or somewhere safe and accessible until their services are needed.

Some locksmiths are also infamously renowned for their false advertising tactics and manipulative strategies. For example, you may find a company that will initially offer you a low service charge or estimate for their assistance—only for them to show up, determine that your lock is a “high-security lock” and will require a higher level of maintenance, only to skyrocket their charges. With this being said, it’s important than you educate yourself to become a bit more lock-savvy so you yourself can determine these unethical practices.


Between locking your keys inside the backseat, losing them at the gym or breaking the key inside the ignition, most people would associate the services of a locksmith with their car, which is true. Having a car is like having house that moves. We bring so many valuables with us at all times that if your vehicle did happen to get stolen, it would create a catastrophic problem.


What’s more distressing than losing your car keys? Losing your house keys, which is a more expensive and time-consuming situation that if not done properly, can put your family in a danger. However, a good residential locksmith can do more than just switch out your locks or help you get inside your home. A good locksmith comes prepared to investigate all of your home’s locks to determine if they’re at risk of easy break-in.

Additional services may include:

  • Door hole installation
  • Window lock installation
  • Doorway lock installation
  • Home safe installation
  • Mortise mechanism repair or replacement
  • Severe weather shutter-lock installation
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • And more…


If you happen to be a business owner or work in a high-level management position, security within your place of business should be seen as a top priority. Between disgruntled employees, intellectual property and irreplaceable files or documents high-level security within a commercial estate needs not only proper installation, but routine checkup or repair. This is where a locksmith can help. A reputable locksmith company offers the following services:

  • Panic bar installation (vital for restaurants or anywhere customers come and go)
  • Mortis lock supply
  • Electronic keypad and keyless-entrance installation
  • Access control system installation
  • Master system installation
  • And more…


Why Choose Online Casinos Instead of Land-Based Ones


Las Vegas! What a wonderful place! All the lights and people, all the casinos offering games on the Strip! I can’t name any one of my friends who hasn’t dreamed at least once of traveling there, spending a night at the blackjack table and, of course, breaking the bank. But if you live a quiet country life, or the quiet urban life for that matter, visiting Vegas might not be the best choice to give the gambler in you some out time. Why? Well, here are some reasons for which you should choose an online casino instead.

1. Time

To visit Las Vegas, you need to take time off from your daily duties – your job, watching your kids, feeding your pets and tending your garden. Most of us can’t hop into a car and drive to Vegas whenever he or she feels like it. Most of us can spare a yearly trip to the Sin City – some not even that.

Playing at Royal Vegas Casino, my favorite online casino, does not require me to travel – not even to put on pants, for that matter. I can enjoy its excellent game library at home, on the patio, in the living room – wherever I have WiFi. It does not interfere with my daily duties – I can play at Royal Vegas whenever I have the time. And, of course, whenever I feel like it.

2. Money

I’m not talking about the money you spend playing, but of the costs of a trip to Vegas. Plane tickets or gas, lodging and food, dressing up and buying souvenirs – these all cost you money. And most of the times there are better places to spend all that dough.

When it comes to Royal Vegas, you only have to worry about the money you play with. Aside from the cost for an internet connection, there is no additional payment to worry about.

3. Complimentary stuff

When you play at a casino, it gives you something in return, – usually a drink, or maybe a buffet. The same goes for online casinos, too – but there the complimentary stuff is usually money you can play with.

From your first deposit at Royal Vegas Casino you’ll get bonus funds. There are some requirements to fulfill, of course – you can read more about them in the casino Terms. But with the bonus funds you can expand your game time, or even transform them into real money and use them to win more. Things you can’t do with a glass of champagne and a plate full of potato salad.

Signs That a Toronto Home’s Bathroom Plumbing is in Need of Repairs


One of the most used rooms in any home is the bathroom. The plumbing that is located within this room will start to show signs of wear as time goes by. The job of any Toronto homeowner is to make sure that they take swift action when their bathroom plumbing begins to show signs of repair. Finding the right plumbers in Toronto is a vital part of getting the right repairs. By taking heed of the warning signs, a homeowner will be able to catch their plumbing repairs early and will be able to reduce the amount of damage that is done.

Constant Dripping from the Faucets

For the most part, a homeowner will overlook a dripping faucet and write is off as just a bad seal. Overlooking this issue can cause a homeowner to have a lot of damage to deal with. In some cases, this problem will be caused by the water pressure being too high. The longer that this problem persists, the higher the risk of a blown out pipe will become. Taking action as soon as a drip is noticed can help to save a homeowner a lot of grief.

Slow Drainage

Another very common problem that a homeowner may notice in their bathroom is slow drainage. This problem can eventually lead to the drains not working at all. Catching this issue before it causes water damage should be a top concern for a homeowner. A clogged drain can be caused by many issues such as:

  • Hair buildup
  • The use of chemical cleaners
  • Soap buildup
  • Full septic tank

Allowing a professional to come in and unclog the drains can save a homeowner a lot of trouble. Checking around on websites like will help a homeowner figure out which plumber in their area is the best fit for the job.

Problems with Water Not Staying Hot

Most homeowners fail to realize just how important their hot water heater is until they are without it. The longer the same water heater is in a Toronto home, the more of a chance there will be of it going bad. If the water in a home is not getting hot as it should, then the homeowner will need to call in a plumber. The plumber will be able to troubleshoot the issues and figure out whether or not the hot water heater needs to be replaced.

A homeowner needs to avoid doing their own plumbing repair due to the damage that it can bring. Researching the plumbers in an area will make it easy on a homeowner when it comes time to pick one for their repairs.

Why Your iPhone Is an Essential Kitchen Tool 


The kitchen can be your place of passion or your worst nightmare. For the foodie blogger perfecting culinary skills with meal masterpieces, the kitchen is a space of creative ambition. For others, the kitchen is a means for merely trying to get dinner on the table. Whether you’re cooking for fun or survival, your smartphone has its place in the kitchen. Here’s why the iPhone 6s can enhance your passion pursuits or help you not become a slave to the kitchen.

iSight Camera

The 12-megapixel iSight camera takes the iPhone camera to new heights with 50 percent more pixels, enhanced autofocus and a new image signal processor. For the cooking connoisseur and beloved food blogger, detailed images of turkey Bolognese with zucchini pasta, chorizo tacos or truffle mac and cheese not only look professional, but mouthwatering and delectable to all your fans and followers. Be sure to capture your latest kitchen creation with your iPhone 6s, and the hashtags #foodporn, #nomnomnom, #foodie and #nofilter are necessary.


Move aside sticky notes and illegible hand-written lists, the iPhone is the essential tool for efficient meal planning and organized grocery shopping. Download the app “AnyList” to create grocery lists, tell Siri to add items and to easily cross off items. “AnyList” also automatically categorizes items and uses auto-complete to suggest common items as you type. Easily share lists with family and friends, so they can make additions and ensure you’re not missing anything. And if you’re always stuck on what to have for dinner, use AnyList to collect recipes and quickly search by name or ingredient.

4K Video Recording

Apple introduced the capability to shoot 4K videos with the launch of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. A simple tap on “Record Video” and your smartphone becomes a movie-making device for documenting your next YouTube cooking series. Capture the essence of high-definition by selecting 4K at 30 fps; the phone’s default is set at 1080p at 60 fps, which reserves more storage compared to 4K. Equipped with your smartphone, you can become the master chef of your kitchen and share recipes through video blogging.

Blue Apron

Meal prep, grocery shopping, cooking and cleanup is a time-consuming process for the time-deprived. The Blue Apron phenomenon has helped simplify the tasks of dinner by delivering fresh ingredients and delicious recipes right to your doorstep on a weekly basis. The “Blue Apron” app takes the service to the next level by providing seasonal recipes, how-to videos, cooking tips, a camera with specialized food filters and a search function for browsing the entire recipe collection. It also lets you learn about specialty ingredients, save favorites to your recipe box and manage your weekly deliveries right from your phone.

“Hey Siri,” the Sous-Chef

Invite Siri into your kitchen and rely on your smartphone with the hands-free, voice-activation “Hey Siri” feature. As long as your phone is connected to a power source, Siri is always on, and without holding down the home button or speaking into the phone. Copy and paste a recipe into the “Notes” app, and tell Siri to “read the note about pasta.” Siri can also remind you to pick up an ingredient at the grocery store, set a timer, make conversions and read a text message as your hands are full chopping veggies.


If the kitchen is your heart, soul and kryptonite, strike a balance with “Fooducate.” This app is nutrition-focused to inform you of the food you’re buying (and eating). The app scans the bar code of a product and provides a nutritional grade. The grading system scores foods from A to D based on the nutritional facts panel and ingredients list. If the cons outweigh the pros, you can choose a healthier alternative. Use with the app to also track weight-loss progress, connect with a like-minded community and receive daily tips to stay empowered and motivated.


Enjoy Your Porch or Outdoor Areas


Even in the winter time, if you wish to sit on your porch there are all kinds of reasons that make it almost unbearable. There are many different products that can actually help you enjoy your backyard and your porch during any season of the year including auvent trois-rivières.

Awnings are often the best choice for summer days or even those rainy days where you want to sit and watch the rain but want protection from the rain and wind. You may not realize it but there are many different choices today when it comes to awnings. The choices include retractable awning, fixed retractable awning, wall pergola, terrace awning, stationary awning, commercial awning and shelter, including window and door awnings.

The awning you choose will have quite a bit to do with the reason you need an awning. You may wish to stop the glare on the television or to ensure the bright sun does not fade your furniture, and then you will want to look into window and door awnings. On the other hand, if you wish to use your porch on those days when the sun is baring down on your porch, then a retractable awning may be your best choice.

In order to choose the best options, it is best to talk with a professional that can provide you with suggestions that will meet your requirements. With so many different options, an expert will be able to explain the pros and cons of the various awnings so you can actually find the one that will fit your purpose as well as ensure you stay within your budget.

Ombra Sole is one such company that not only will be able to help you find the proper awnings but also offers a variety of other products to make your life easier. Other products include retractable pergola, garden furniture, windscreen, retractable gazebo, retractable parasol, and various awning accessories.

Whether you need a permanent solution or just need some type of protection from the elements for an outdoor event, this company will be able to provide you with the professional help you need and even give you advice on the size you need for the number of people that will be attending the event.

Just consider how nice it will be when you can invite your friends over and have lunch outdoors on your back porch so they see your beautiful flower garden or even enjoy swimming in your pool and then relaxing under a retractable gazebo or parasol. There are so many possibilities that you are sure to be the hit of the neighborhood when it comes to providing a nice party along with a comfortable area to protect from the elements.