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5 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas


There is a certain art to gift wrapping. Some people go the overly treaded path and mindlessly gift wrap their presents, paying little attention to the colors, design or overall look. Not me. I enjoy gift wrapping in a way that makes the gift look appealing. So appealing, as a matter of fact, that it feels wrong to open them and ruin the beautiful packaging!

When it comes to gift wrapping, I like to come up with unique, beautiful gift wrapping ideas. Below are five of the very best ways to make your gift wrap personal and unique!

  • The Pinterest fest

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s time to hop on the creative bandwagon. Pinterest is my #1 source for creative ideas. So many hobbyists and craftsters post wonderful ideas and instructions on their sites, and it all gets collected into Pinterest, where it’s easy to look through and find inspiration. Just search for “gift wrap ideas” and be wowed by the collective creativity from all corners of the world. The only problem I have with Pinterest is that I want to make everything!

  • Create a personalized ribbon

I create these beautiful personalized ribbons for major events. The most important is for big gift-giving holidays like Christmas or for birthdays. We add some thoughtful text to the ribbons like “Merry Christmas from the Jane family” and use them on any gift wrapping for friends and non-direct family. It’s always received with a warm reaction and friends love seeing the new designs we send each year.

Creating them is simple. Head to a store that can create a personalized printed gift ribbon. From there, use their customizing options to select the size, colors, design, images, pattern and text. Once you have selected all your preferences, order the ribbon. That’s all there is to it!

  • Print (and even design) your own patterns

With today’s printers, you no longer need to buy boring gift wrapping paper with the same old designs. Instead, you can be creative and create your own personalized gift wrap patterns. You could go the fun route and create a word search. Or maybe your gift is romantic? In that case, you can create a gift wrap that shows your love for the person including pictures of you both. Just like that, you let the gift wrapping do all the talking, while creating something that will be appreciated and treasured.

  • Accessorize the package

A small ribbon, flower or other type of accessory can change the look of your gift and give it more heart. Ideas are plentiful. You can go the classic route and place a pretty bow, or you can be more creative and connect the accessory to the gift receiver. Accessories could be anything small item like keys, clothespins, or buttons. Flowers are a nice option (as long as the gift is given away quickly, before the flower dries out) or alternatively, you can create one out of paper or felt.  It’s all about placement and how you decorate the package, and it always helps to attach the accessory to a label or gift card.

  • Use fun ‘ingredients’

The best way to create an original gift wrap is to try to be unique and creative. For example, how about using glitter on your gift wrap? You can either use it on the paper, the ribbon, to create designs or alternatively create some sort of glitter pouch and have a 3D effect to the gift wrap. Other ideas could be using paper cutting techniques, confetti, hole punching designs onto the paper, and anything else you can think of! There is no limit to creativity when it comes to gift wrapping.


Restoring the Wooden Things in Your Family Home

Living Room 4

According to Bayou City Lumber, a supplier of rough cedar, over time, wooden items such as furniture or flooring can often lose their initial luster and beauty. Making sure that your wood items maintain their original beauty involves cleaning and occasional maintenance. By ensuring that your wood items are properly treated, you can help keep the wood in your home in pristine condition, looking as good as the day it was first installed.

The First Step: Removing Dirty Layers

With smaller items such as furniture, taking them apart is a first step to stripping off excess lacquer. Once this is done, it’s fairly easy to clean off the wood with a damp sponge or rag and some soap. After this is done, it’s simply a matter of cleaning, priming, and sealing the pieces.

With floors, this can be somewhat trickier. After sweeping the floor for excess dust and dirt, it’s time to mop the floor with a preferred cleaning agent. After this is done, scrape the top of the floor’s finish using either steel wool or a 120-grit screen. An alternative is to use a pole sander or a floor buffer. By evenly using one of these methods, you should be able to see that the floor is no longer reflective.

Using a cleaning agent at this point will then prepare the floor for either staining or refinishing. It’s up to you whether to go with the more natural look or enhance the color of the floor, but once it is done, it’s time to refinish.


With decks, most homeowners find that pressure-washing can raise the coating as well as remove unnecessary dirt and grime from the floor to make refinishing it easier. While pressure-washing with water is successful on its own, many use a cleaning solution during this phase to make a consistent finish and ensure that no dirt or other particles are stuck on the deck before staining or refinishing. If a pressure washer is used, it’s absolutely imperative that either a professional handles the task or that the homeowner is aware that overexerting pressure on the deck can cause damage to the wood, including bending of the beams and other problems.

Once the pressure cleaning is done, a simple coat of finish or a weatherproof stain finish can be applied to ensure that the deck remains in top shape for the year to come.

How Often Should Wooden Items be Treated?

While the answer should be as simple as “when they look like they need it,” regular maintenance is a great way to make sure that your wooden floors, furniture, walls, and decks remain as attractive as possible over the longest period of time. For this reason, the amount of time spent in maintenance should relate to the size of the item: larger items have shorter maintenance periods, and decks should be weatherized at least once a year. Keeping that in mind, your wooden items can stay in an ideal condition for years, as long as they are properly maintained. Just make sure that you always use treatments that match your wooden items, and you will be sure to have functional, beautiful wood items for a long time.

This article was contributed on behalf of Bayou City Lumber. Check out the Treated Pilings at Bayou City Lumber by visiting their website today!

Styling Tips for Fine Hair as a Mom

Family 30

You’re chasing after the kids, functioning as the family chauffeur and the go-to person for the spouse and kids. Or you hold down a job and come home to the role of chief cook and bottlewasher. Who has time to style her hair?

If you feel like wearing a bag over your head most days, if bad hair days are routine, or if high hair fashion is a rubber band, here’s help. These are salon-tested tips and tricks to make the most of fine, thinning hair for busy moms on the go.

What Makes Hair Fine and Thin?

Many women are born with hair that is naturally fine. Marie Claire Magazine points out its many advantages:

  • manageable
  • versatile
  • holds many shapes

If that doesn’t describe yours, it’s probably due to changes in your naturally fine hair due to:

  • heredity
  • hormones, especially around menopause
  • age
  • too many products, too much coloring, too many permanents

Treat Your Hair with Kindness

What to do with fine, thin hair is one of the most common problems that women bring to their hair stylists. These experts can help you make the most of your delicate locks.

According to the stylists at Philip Pelusi, the first thing a professional will recommend is to use natural, volumizing shampoos and conditioners. These are made with fewer chemicals that can add to the damage that has already affected your hair.

These specialty products can be hard to find at your local grocery or drug store. Most salons carry at least one line that is kind to fine, thin hair. Your stylist can recommend other brands that are available online.

He will also recommend using the 70/30 dry rule, which is guaranteed to add fullness to fine hair. This means taking the time to air dry your hair after shampooing. This can be frustrating for a time-strapped mom, but it is an investment in volume and a full look.

This is simple to do: squeeze the water out of your hair and let it dry naturally. This lets each strand of hair separate and lift, which increases volume.

How to Style Fine Hair

Here are four tips that will help make the most of your fine, thinning hair.

Get a good cut. It is essential to have your stylist cut your hair in a shape that flatters your face and makes the most of the hair you have. She has the training and experience to understand your hair’s particular texture and needs. Let her know what you would like, and she will tell you what is possible. Then work together from there.

Lift the roots. When it comes time to give shape to your newly cleaned hair, your aim is to give lift to each strand of hair right at the roots. This immediately provides an illusion of thicker hair.

Do this by adding a small amount of a volumizing product to your roots. These come in the form of mousses, gels, sprays, or lotions. Don’t use waxes, thick and heavy serums, or molding muds. You want a product that is light.

Change the location of your part. This can be disconcerting when you first look in the mirror, but it has a very practical effect. The switch lifts up hair in a different way than normal, and away from your scalp. This gives the hair on top a more voluminous look.

Use the right brush. Avoid round metal brushes and those with hard plastic bristles. Both can snag and damage strands of hair. Instead, use brushes made of natural boar bristle or those made from nylon, which is very flexible. Another nice feature is a cushioned base.

Busy moms can have full looking, well-shaped hair when they get the right cut and then treat their hair gently. The small investment of time required results in great-looking hair, even when it is thin and fine.

Cheap IVF – How to Find the Best Clinic?


Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after one year of having regular unprotected sex. It is a fairly common phenomenon – about 1 in 6 couples all over the world are infertile. Many people decide to seek guidance and often go on to have medical treatment than can help them get pregnant. One of the most common and successful procedures is in vitro fertilization.

What makes up the cost of IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the fertilization of an egg or eggs outside the body. The cost of treatment greatly varies according to clinic and country. However, IVF treatment is generally rather expensive. Although it is hard to estimate the average cost of in vitro, there are some things you will usually have to pay for:

  • initial consultation
  • fertility drugs
  • blood tests
  • ultrasounds and monitoring
  • IVF
  • administration fee
  • medical insurance
  • ICSI (only if sperm count is low)
  • donor sperm (if the partner has no sperm or poor semen analysis)
  • donor eggs (if the woman has low quality or no eggs)

How to make IVF more affordable

Since IVF treatment is quite expensive many infertile couples look for ways of cutting the cost. Although it’s not easy to make in vitro more affordable, here are the most common ways that may help:

Natural cycle IVF

This procedure eliminates the use of fertility drugs which lowers the overall cost. However, not all IVF clinics carry out this type of treatment and, most of all, not everyone can benefit from in vitro without the use of stimulating drugs.

Package deals and refund programs

Some clinics offer special deals or programs that can lower the cost of IVF. For example buying 3 in vitro cycles in a package deal is usually much more affordable than paying for 3 cycles separately. There are also refund programs during which you pay a set fee and agree to a certain number of IVF cycles. If after the agreed number of cycles you don’t get pregnant, you get your money back.

Cheap IVF abroad

IVF abroad is one of the best if not the best way of reducing the cost of in vitro treatment. By travelling abroad you can save up to 75% of the money, even when you include the price of flights, food and accommodation. The low cost of treatment is usually linked to the lower cost of living and smaller salary expectations. Therefore you don’t have to compromise on the quality of treatment.

Some of the top cheap in vitro destinations include Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece and Ukraine. Average prices (in euro) for one cycle of IVF with fresh eggs in those countries are consecutively 2000, 2250, 3000, 1385. If you think in vitro abroad may be the perfect choice for you make sure to check out

How to find a fertility clinic

Finding the perfect IVF clinic isn’t easy. Each person is different and takes into consideration different factors when searching for a fertility center. If you need inspiration to start your search for an IVF clinic here are some things people tend to consider:

  • cost of treatment
  • success rates
  • experience
  • services offered
  • eligibility for treatment
  • location
  • patient opinions

Remember to spend a lot of time researching clinics before you make your final decision. Sometimes making compromises isn’t the only way – maybe there’s a clinic out there that meets all of your needs.

Your Posture and Your Back 

Back Pain 3

Back pain can be an expensive problem to fix, and in many cases, it requires ongoing treatment. According to Laser Health Spa (click here), back problems can also drain you of energy, as well as cause you to miss work and neglect other obligations. The classic admonition to “sit up straight” is great advice; good posture habits can help to ease back pain, and they may even prevent back pain later in life. If you have children or know young adults, you might want to discuss with them the benefits of stretching, proper posture, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Why Good Posture Matters

When you don’t implement proper posture, the muscles that support your spine may become stiff and weary. The simple act of sitting can lead to an increase in pressure on the back, so if you sit for long periods time, sitting properly is even more important. When you sit at a desk, in a chair, or on a sofa, blood circulation in the lower part of your body becomes compromised. When this happens, less oxygen makes its way to the muscles and nerves in your back. This can lead to temporary back pain, and if you sit often and for extended periods, you may begin to experience chronic back issues.

According to Laser Health Spa (, proper posture is also important when you are in a standing position. If you don’t stand properly, you could start to experience back problems. Many people stand for long hours at their jobs, and forgetting about posture is not uncommon among such individuals. If you put extra weight on one hip or leg as you stand, you are placing too much pressure on one side of your body. This postural imbalance can eventually cause a strain in your lower back region.  Additionally, standing with the pelvis too far forward or backward may also lead to an aching back.

Proper Posture Basics

Although you may not find it initially easy to change your posture habits, you will ultimately benefit from learning to sit and stand correctly. In the same way that poor posture is a habit, so is good posture. If you practice sitting and standing properly, doing so will eventually feel normal to you. When you’re sitting, your back should be parallel with the upright back of your chair, and your head should be held straight. When you stand, the curves of your spine should all be evenly aligned, with no excessive pressure placed on any particular area.

In order to start practicing good posture, you might consider a few stretching exercises. An exercise to combat improper neck carriage involves gliding your head backward without allowing it to tilt to one side. If you have a tendency to slouch, you might try an exercise that requires you to squeeze your shoulder blades toward each other. To correct pelvic imbalance, you could perform an exercise that involves tucking in your glute muscles.

Helping Young People to Develop Good Posture Habits

Since sitting for many hours has been identified as a common cause of poor posture, keeping children regularly engaged in activity could help them to prevent back problems in adulthood. Teaching children to stretch and warm up before they exercise is also a wise idea. When children are taught to enjoy exercise as early as possible, they could be more likely to stay active throughout their lives. This concept is also applicable to good posture habits. By encouraging your kids to pay attention to their posture and get plenty of exercise, you might spare them from much pain and expense when they are adults. As anyone who has endured back pain might confirm, preventing back problems is much easier than treating them.

Using Jewelry to Improve Your Look

Jewel 5

Jeans and t-shirts are staples in most wardrobes, but how can you take this simple outfit from something you wear to run errands to something you wear on date night or to brunch with your girlfriends? There are a number of ways to update a basic outfit like jeans and a t-shirt using jewelry to change the mood of an outfit.

Begin with the Shape

According to Houston Gold Exchange (, there are a number of simple ways to dress up a plain outfit, starting with adding jewelry. With so many types of jewelry, the options are nearly endless.

The best option for a scoop neck top is a statement necklace that falls below the neck line so they don’t compete. V-neck shirts look best with a necklace that falls inside the “v.” Both long and short necklaces work with a deep scoop neck line, while boat neck shirts look best without a necklace.

In addition to a great necklace, there are so many jewelry options to choose from, such as earrings, bracelets, and statement watches to dress up a short sleeved t-shirt.

Creating the Right Vibe

Once you have the fundamental shape of a necklace selected to match your neckline, you can get creative with the type of jewelry to dress up your outfit or match the mood of an event. From vintage pieces to ethnic jewelry to statement pieces, each style sets a different tone.

For a more casual event, such as a brunch or tea party, jewelry that is more natural or “earthy” can dress up an outfit without appearing too flashy. A chunky wooden necklace or an amber pendant can brighten up a look without clashing with your outfit.

To take a casual Friday work outfit from casual to girls’ night out, a nice bold, statement necklace or large dangling earrings can dress up a simple outfit. Selecting colors that compliment your wardrobe can add subtle sparkle, or to amp up the look, a contrasting color statement necklace can be eye-catching.

While a necklace may be the go-to piece to take an outfit to the next level, a bold, chunky watch can also make a statement, while a cocktail ring worn in a more casual setting can finish off your look.

Finishing Off the Look

In addition to jewelry, adding the right accessories can also help your basic jeans and t-shirt go from bland to dressy. If you want to focus your jewelry pieces to your ears, wrist, or fingers, you can add a scarf around your neck to add bold color or patterns to your outfit. If you are unsure of how to wear the scarf, websites such as YouTube and Pinterest have tutorials to help make the accessory stand out.

Dressing up a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt is a fun and easy way to add some variety to your wardrobe and add personality to your outfit while still feeling comfortable. It isn’t just the clothing that make the look. It takes all of the small details to really make a look go from bland to wow.

This article was contributed on behalf of Houston Gold Exchange, your number one choice when looking for high-end jewelry. We specialize in diamonds so if you’re looking for great diamonds, make sure to check us out today!

Planning Children’s Birthdays

Family 28

Birthday parties are fun for everyone. Whether you decide to have the traditional party at home or go a step further by having the party at a popular kids venue, the choice is yours. However, planning and implementation can be time-consuming, expensive, and arduous if not handled in a savvy manner. With the right approach, steps can be taken to make the planning of the party as stress-free and successful as possible.


The key to every successful birthday party is timely planning. Believe it or not, the best time to start planning is anywhere from one to three months before the party. This allows time for unexpected incidents to take place without completely upsetting party plans. It also allows some time to fix any of those unexpected incidents that may come up.

Perhaps the first step in the process should be a discussion with the birthday boy or girl. Get an idea of what he or she may want to do. Decide how many people to invite and consider the entertainment.  Of course, if the party is going to be held in your home, there’s more flexibility in planning. However, if you plan on celebrating at a popular children’s venue, it’s extremely important that you set a date and make reservations. Failure to make reservations early enough could result in a missed opportunity to have the party at your chosen venue.

A Month Before

About a month before the party, before you set the date in stone, make sure that essential guests will be able to attend. This is the time to change dates if it means that an important guest has limited availability. This is also the time to send out invitations and start planning the substance of the party.  What activities are going to be a part of the celebration? Anything planned for the outdoors should have an indoor alternative as a backup, in the event of bad weather. Opening gifts should be left for last, in case time is short. This is one activity that can be skipped if necessary. Last but not least, get that all-important list of supplies you will need for the big day. If anything needs to be ordered, do so now so that there is adequate time to receive it.

The last few weeks should be used to go over the guest list and reach out to any guest who failed to RSVP.  Plan your menu and round up your volunteers. If you are making the cake from scratch, bake it ahead of time and freeze it. The cake can be iced the night before the party. Make last minute safety checks of the areas where the party is supposed to be held, if necessary.

Birthday Venues

If you are having the party at a venue, call to ensure that everything is set to go as planned. Take the time to verify plans so that you know what to expect from the package that you paid for. The wonderful thing about parties that are held at popular children’s venues is that most of the work is already done for you. The parent can sit back and just enjoy the day. Generally, there is a party host to guide the party and custom-fit the celebration to suit your child’s wants and needs.

Whatever you and your birthday boy or girl plan for the big celebration, there are ways to go about the planning that save time and headaches. If the choice is to have the celebration at a popular birthday spot, it eliminates a lot of work. Most venues have party packages that cover everything from food to activities. Little is left to do, allowing kids and parents alike to sit back and enjoy.

Salon Styling & Services and Why They Make Financial Sense

Women's Hair 6

If you’re considering on whether to go to a salon or its large chain counterparts, you might wonder if there’s any comparison between them. However, once you get to a high end salon, you’ll certainly have the answer: The differences are noticeable and significant, and the level of service you receive can give more value to the money you spend.

Superior Customer Service

Generally, the customer service experience at a quality salon is far superior compared to one you get from a standard chain facility. Being treated as a valued client instead of just another customer in a large crowd is the norm for these salons. In an upscale setting, the focus is most likely on client retention, which means providing quality work and treating clients well. At a big chain salon, the focus is on the quantity of clients, and it’s for this reason that customers may suffer a lack of quality service. With this, it’s apparent that the former focuses in getting a good reputation while the latter only cares about immediate profit.

The Time Factor

Your time is certainly valuable, so you want to attend to more important matters as soon as possible. Although getting in and out of a chain salon quickly might seem more efficient, you may need to return sooner than you wish. This is more noticeable when the service quality is mediocre, since you will need to schedule return appointments to fix an errant cut or an unsatisfactory coloring job, wasting more time in the process.

Conversely, the professionals at a high end salon will typically value your time without compromising quality. Even while waiting, you may be treated to ambient music and appealing refreshments to pass the time. As mentioned before, the quality of service is apt to be superior to that of a chain facility, so you won’t need to return as often. In an era when time often determines the loss or gain of money for many people, this degree of efficiency is invaluable.

More Services Available

Another cost-effective benefit of going to an upscale facility is the variety of services available. Many large chains provide basic services, such as cuts, coloring and quick styling, with a few providing some nail services. A quality salon is more likely to offer a broader range of luxury services, like waxing, facials, and massage in addition to hair and nail care. Going to a single salon for multiple services in one day could save you a considerable amount of time and cash as compared to scheduling various services at several different places. Feeling relaxed and attractive is sometimes a multidimensional effort, and the convenience of achieving such a state in a single place is priceless.

When you invest a bit more in high quality services, you will ultimately save time and money.  As such, considering the advantages of switching to an upscale salon is important, and the best course of action is to schedule an appointment. You’ll see the apparent difference of the level of service in one visit.

Buying a Family Vehicle

New Car 3
In the market for a new family car? Buying a vehicle the whole family will enjoy can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing your research is key, so here are some things to think about when considering a family car. According to Houston Overhead Door, your source for garage door repair in Houston, the first step to any successful car buying venture is to peruse websites, visit dealerships, and ask family and friends how they like their cars. This will give you a wide base with which to compile your favorite vehicles.

Safety Ratings

Safety is a big concern, especially when you’re responsible for transporting little ones to and fro. Whether you get a sedan or minivan, you want one that has excellent safety ratings for peace of mind. Check out the 5-Star safety ratings on the brands and models you’re considering by visiting This site allows you to check on crashworthiness and rollover safety by model, class, and manufacturer, and compare safety ratings among all of them.

Seating Capacity

This is one of the biggest considerations. If your kids are babies and toddlers now, look ahead to the future when they start growing and get into sports, dance, gymnastics, and other extracurricular activities. These will place demands not only on the capacity of your car but on the mileage as well. Think about any additions that may happen to your family down the road. Do you plan on having more kids? Do you babysit other children and need to accommodate them as well? Do you have aging parents whom you will have to care for in the near future? If your kids are of school age, are you part of a carpool? Figure out how many you have to realistically seat and go from there. As said above, your kids have lots of baggage, such as sports equipment, dance paraphernalia, book bags, and more that will take up lots of space. What about grocery shopping? Where will you put all the bags?


In addition to plenty of space to put bulky stuff like sports equipment and book bags, you should also take a look at the compartment space, such as cup holders, activity trays, and in-door bottle holders that keep things in their place and the car clutter-free, advises Will a stroller fit in the cargo area? Can you get it out easily? What about special family outings; can you fit luggage and other travel necessities in the vehicle? Do you want roof rails to stow skis and bikes when heading on a trip?

Ease of Use

One aspect many families overlook in a new vehicle is how easy it is to get in and out. If you have small kids or elderly parents, make sure the step to get into the vehicle isn’t too high. Look for a grab bar near the door or window as well. Try putting a car seat in there and buckling it up. Can you get it in there easily enough and make all the necessary adjustments? Can you place your child in the seat without too much hassle or bumping of heads? Are the seat belts easy to latch for older kids who can do it themselves?

As you can see, there are many considerations that go beyond price for buying a family vehicle. Do your research and be well prepared for the next journey in your life.

This article was contributed on behalf of Houston Overhead Door, your number one choice when looking for Overhead Door retailers in Houston. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

Repairs to Simple Plumbing Problems Your Family Should Know

Bathroom 7

When some aspect of your plumbing system goes haywire — perhaps you have a clogged toilet or your fixtures are leaking — you have to think quick: can I fix this on my own or should I hire a professional? The answer isn’t always so cut and dried. While small issues can take on a DIY approach, bigger ones are best left to plumbers to avoid doing more damage and costing yourself more money. For example, simple clogged toilets and drains may be something you can handle with the right tools, while backed-up toilets and burst pipes are cause for a call to the plumber.

I Can Handle It!

There are some things you can easily handle yourself, but you have to be equipped with the right supplies. For standard toilet clogs, you’ll need the right kind of plunger in your arsenal. Make sure the one you use was made for toilet use and nothing else. This will go a long way toward working out clogs a bit easier. And having one plunger just for toilets means all the germs are contained to one device and you’re not spreading those germs through cross-use. Make sure you get a good seal with the toilet hole and the cup of the plunger, preferably using a funnel-cup type that features a bell-shaped flange around the bottom, points out The Family Handyman.

For clogs originating from a small dropped toy or a diaper, you may have to fish out the obstruction with a snake if you own one. Be careful, as it’s quite easy to scratch and chip the porcelain if you don’t take your time. Got hair and soap clogging up the sink or shower? Grab large clumps and clean out the drain traps. Then, use a blend of white vinegar and baking soda to pour down the drains once a month. That should do the trick in keeping the lines clear if you do this on a regular basis. To prevent corrosion of the pipes, try not to resort to commercial liquid drain cleaning agents.

As far as bathroom and kitchen sink fixture installation goes, you may be able to tackle this task. Keep the directions handy, get a helper if you can, and ensure all fixtures maintain a tight fit and seal. Even the smallest of leaks can lead to big-time waste. In fact, you can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year through just one leaky faucet, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Gotta Call the Plumber!

You’ll probably know in your gut when you need to call a professional. According to Southern Plumbing, a company that can take care of your pipes, these situations include burst pipes, bathroom/kitchen/basement flooding, back-ups in your septic tank, split pipes, corrosion, main line blockage, broken shower valves, tub replacement, or water damage. One common reason people call plumbers is that they simply can’t unclog their toilet. This happens when a large obstruction in the piping system keeps water and waste from getting through to the rest of the system. These clogs can be caused by anything from foreign objects to tree roots. The worst case scenario is when your septic tank is full and threatens to back up. For your safety and sanity, not to mention a solution that works, call in a plumber in these instances.

This article was contributed on behalf of Southern Plumbing. Leaks are no problem for us so contact us today for all of your plumbing needs!