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Simple Tips to Spend More Time with Your Kids


We all know that spending quality family time together is important, yet we can all be guilty of not devoting enough one-on-one time to our children. The fact is, there’s no better investment in our children’s future than strong and supportive family relationships, and no amount of money is worth as much as your time, love, and attention. So – from movie nights and mealtimes to tree-climbing and card tricks for kids – here we share a few simple ways to help you and your family reconnect, so you can create lots of happy memories to treasure.

Cook Together

Cooking your evening meal doesn’t need to be such a chore, especially when you’ve got whole family to help. Children respond well to being given responsibilities; planning and preparing your meals together will not only mean that everyone is happy with the dish you’re making, but it’ll also teach them valuable life skills. Assign jobs depending on the age and interests of your children, and don’t be afraid to let them choose their own recipes – they’ll really enjoy having the freedom to experiment with different foods and flavours.

Eat Together

There’s a reason we’ve all heard the phrase, ‘A family that dines together stays together’. Families that sit down and eat together at least five night a week are proven to have stronger relationships and improved emotional intelligence than those who eat separately, meaning a shared family meal should be a priority for every parent. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, taking the time to sit down with your children and talk about their day – without distractions – is one of the best ways to relax, reach out, and reconnect with your loved ones.

Play Together

Family time should be fun time, and there’s nothing like a shared hobby or activity to encourage both you to spend time together. Why not swap your normal exercise regime for regular trips to the local swimming pool or leisure centre, or head outside for a scavenger hunts, tree-climbing or a spot of wildlife gardening. A fortnightly family game night is also a great incentive to switch off the TV and settle down to an evening of family favourites such as bingo, charades, card games, and even card tricks for kids. Not only will this give you the opportunity to bond with your children, but learning card tricks for kids or slightly more complex card games will challenge their young brains and promote family togetherness.

Relax Together

Living with children can be exhausting, so it’s all too easy to slump in front of the TV after a long day. However, limiting TV time doesn’t mean you can’t unwind, and you don’t need to put a complete ban on screen-time to prevent it from getting in the way of your relationships. Encourage your children to choose one or two programs to watch each day, making sure your weekends are preserved for spending quality time together as a family. Relaxing together is important; your children need to be able to see you when you’re not rushing around or busy with the day-to-day routine. Friday night movie nights are one great way for you all to sit down together at the end of the working week – let your children help choose the film, pop some popcorn, and turn off mobile phones so you can all relax without distraction.

Great Ideas for a Family Vacation

Family 16

Often, the experience of trying to plan and pull-off a family vacation leaves travelers more tired than restored. Between trying to find activities and destinations that appeal to each family member, and the unanticipated costs that arise on the road, planning time away can be frustrating. When trying to put together a family trip, there are some tips that can make it more relaxing, stress-free, and restful, while keeping it fun.

Some tips to make the trip a lot less stressful, and perhaps more affordable, include the following suggestions:

A Resort Villa

A really restful vacation idea is to book a stay at Palmilla Los Cabos. The area is known for luxury resorts and villas, each with access to the crystal blue surrounding water. The best thing about a villa is that the staff pampers guests and meets their every need, so there is never a problem or an oversight that can’t be remedied. These villas have access to unique business districts with shops, galleries, and eating establishments, but also have their own on-site features. If travelers want to alleviate the worry of renting vehicles and driving about the region, the resort’s staff can arrange cars. Additionally, guests can choose to stay on-site and take advantage of all that their distinct accommodations have to offer. Guests with small children will appreciate the secure feeling of these full-service resorts and villas for the stress-freest vacation possible!

On-Site Amusements

If traveling with kids, it is important to take a look at some age-friendly activities and sights that may interest younger guests. Some fun vacation ideas may include theme parks, museums, and annual carnivals or trade-shows. Base the trip around one simple attraction, and build on it from there.

Many travelers make the mistake of trying to plan too much during their family vacation. Since it may be an infrequent occasion, they try to pack as much fun in as short a time as possible. What typically occurs is that it becomes burdensome, restrictive, and can result in tired, cranky travelers. A better approach is to plan the trip around one location or sight, and to allow some room for spontaneity during the actual trip. A rainy day may hinder tickets to a ballgame, and might be the best time to roam around and check out the region. Don’t try to over-plan and put too much in a short stay; this will lead to stress and conflict.

Luxury Amenities

Be sure to look for luxury style accommodations that offer something special for mom and dad, too. Some great amenities may include on-site spas, restaurants, lounges, golf courses, and fitness facilities. This will allow parents to get up early and get some time to themselves, or have something fun to do while the kids are watching TV at night. The convenience and access of these services and features make it possible for people to carve out some time for themselves during the adventure.

Unconventional Travel Times

There are many benefits for planning travel during the off-season. This strategy may save time waiting in lines or during travel due to the decreased traffic during particular times of the year. This approach may also save money, as rates may dip during these off-peak seasons. Traveling during off-season can be a lot more relaxing and less stressful, as long as travelers take weather conditions into consideration. Lines for amusements are shorter, pools and public areas may be less crowded, and hosts may be less stressed.

Plan some time away with the family, and use these strategies to cut down on worries and issues on the road. Book early online and take some time to research the area(s) well before you leave home. Getting an overall sense of the destination, and gathering some most-helpful information and insights, can help ensure that the journey is smooth and relaxing for all.

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