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Ideas You Should Consider for Your Garden

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Your garden can grant an entirely new look to the property, while yielding fresh flowers, herbs, and food. It makes sense to create some different types of gardens around a property, depending on the amount of sunlight and type of soil available. According to Metro Tree, a company that specializes in arbor care consulting, you should also keep in mind the general aesthetic of the property and natural surroundings. Not all gardens need to be high-maintenance endeavors, and there are, in fact, many appealing ideas that will require little to no labor to maintain. Consider some of these unique ideas to give your property distinction, keep costs and labor down, and creae massive curb appeal:

Clever Concepts

When considering various garden ideas, be sure to keep convenience in mind. This might include a pleasant conversation area, outfitted with outdoor furniture and a cocktail table. This will be a great spot for entertaining and relaxing after a long day. Dress up the entrance to your property with some tall and dramatic plants or trees, and use pots to plant them in if the soil in your area is less than ideal. Be sure to add some garden lighting, either through stake lights or solar lamps, to provide safety and security for those using the outdoor space.

Neat Features

Some unique features that aren’t seen everyday include ancient-looking stone gardens, which bring a cool flair to a yard or garden space. These require no maintenance, with the exception of periodic rinsing with a hose to get rid of moss. Install an up light on the ground near your stone garden, boulder, or rock wall to shine up and onto your feature. According to Metro Tree (, this will provide an eerily attractive silhouette amid the rest of the property.

Another easy-to-care-for option is a captivating water fountain. These are found in a wide range of styles and price-points, and a fountain can provide a wide breadth of benefits to those living there. These provide a lovely visual to enjoy while sitting outside, but also supply white noise, which can help drown out distractions and relieve stress. A fountain may also attract thirsty birds, making it a great spot to enjoy and observe nature during warm weather.

Aromatic Beauty

Give the garden a touch that goes beyond the visual and that appeals to the sense of smell. Planting flowers and shrubs that exude a pleasant fragrance attracts visitors to the space. Try different flowers and plants that offer a pleasing aroma, such as roses, wisteria, and hyacinth, but don’t discount the aromatic attraction of some common trees and shrubs. Seek out conifers, such as evergreen, spruce, and juniper, to bring a warm, familiar scent to the air of the property, at an affordable price.

Paved Spaces

One of the best investments a homeowner can make is paving the space around the outside of their home. This includes driveways, paths, and walkways, and could even extend to include installing a concrete patio in the garden of the property. These paved surfaces provide a safe and sturdy terrain for walking, which can be safer for some members of the household, and these also give the home a polished look that enhances overall curb appeal. Use concrete pavers or tiles to create meandering paths in the yard or garden, which will tempt visitors to stop and “smell the roses” as they follow the paved guide through the property.

Try some of these suggestions in the problematic areas of the property, where sun is low or soil is challenging. These ideas will bring an added feature to the home, not only adding to the overall value of the property, but also providing a serene escape for the occupants, too.


Taking Care of Your Hair as a Mother

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High-end beauty companies would have you believe that it takes time and hard-earned money to properly care for your hair. Unfortunately, that isn’t the most practical philosophy when it comes to raising a family. Conversely, that doesn’t mean you do not deserve to look and feel your best. Here are some hair tips to live by as a busy mom:

Overnight Styling

Overnight styling is game changing. You can achieve an incredible look with only a few minutes of work, while having heat-damage free locks.

According to Amy (, wash your hair at night and apply a leave-in conditioner to the portion of hair under your chin and brush your hair to work the product in and detangle your hair. Use a cotton towel to squeeze out excess moisture and let your hair dry about ninety percent of the way.

If you want curly-wavy hair in the morning, part your hair and make two braids. If you are going for full-body and volume at the roots, twist your hair into a loose bun at the top of your head. In the morning, take your bun or braid out and gently comb through with your fingers. What you’ll have is a soft, textured, and beautiful look.

Master Second-Day Hair

Even though skipping your hair washing routine for a day feels like a guilty pleasure, it’s actually best to wash your hair every other day. To get a beautiful look with second-day hair, wet your palms, rub a dollop of your favorite hair product through your hands, and distribute it through you hair. If you are worried about dirty-looking hair, use dry shampoo at your roots before going to bed—your nightly tossing and turning will work it in beautifully.

DIY Hair Mask

Traditional deep conditioners can be expensive. If this is something you want to treat yourself to, then go for it! If it’s not your thing, make your own by mixing equal parts honey and coconut oil. You can achieve shiny, refreshed, soft hair for a fraction of the price.

Hair Mask While on the Move

According to Amy’s Skin Care, a leading provider of Green Peel treatments, although hair masks are amazing for your hair, they can be so annoying, especially when you are trying to enjoy a rightful lounge on the couch. And then, you have to strategically find a time to rinse it out.

On the other hand, deep conditioners can make such a huge difference in your hair, allowing you to hack the system. Get your hair damp, spread the mask throughout, and twist your hair into a bun. Keep this in while you exercise or do chores. You will probably want to take a shower afterwards anyways.

Rock the Five-Minute Do’s

Having a few styling tricks up your sleeve is going to make you look and feel gorgeous while leaving you time to spend with your family. It may take some practice, but it’s worthwhile.

The fishtail braid is deceptively easy; it won’t come undone, and it looks fantastic. You can pull it to the side or twist it up in a loose bun. Pair it with your favorite earrings for a polished and youthful look.

You can also try putting an elastic headband over your hair, so that the top part is over your crown and the bottom is over your nape. Twist and tuck your long hair into the part at your nape. There are plenty beautiful headbands in this style that will look incredible.

Why You Should Choose PVCU Doors for Your Business

When it’s time to replace the doors at your company, you should explore your options with PVCU doors so that you can begin to save money and enjoy additional benefits that they provide. With the savings that you begin to realise you can easily pay for your investment in the upgrades and begin to use this funding to grow your company and expand your inventory. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using PVCU doors in your workplace and the points that you should keep in mind as you narrow down your choices.


  • After PVCU doors are installed at your workplace you will begin to receive savings because this type of door keeps warm air in and cold air out of your company. The level of insulation in a PVCU door is higher than traditional doors that are made from wood or other materials that have proven to be lacking in energy efficiency. If you are upgrading the doors and windows of your office, stopping draughts, and adding insulation to your cavity walls and loft spaces, this type of door will enhance the energy efficiency of your company.
  • A PVCU door also adds an extra layer of security to your company. Their core is made from galvanised steel which makes them harder to break during an unwanted entry into your business. Most of the models you can buy are also crowbar-proof which indicates that any criminal element will find your doors harder to force open in an attempted burglary.
  • If your company is located in a noisy district, your choice of a PVCU door will decrease the amount of outside noise that can disrupt your meetings and cause your employees to lose focus. These doors fit snugly in the door frame which means that outside noise is stopped before it enters your workplace.
  • PVCU doors also require only a small amount of maintenance which frees your custodial staff to perform other duties around the organisation. Occasionally the hardware may need attention but the materials from which the door is constructed are very durable and can save you time, money, and effort in the day-to-day upkeep needed for proper operation.
  • Because the PVCU door that you choose for your business is cost effective, you’ll be able to save on your energy bills and pay for your upgrades in a timely fashion. Be sure to visit the website to find a plethora of styles, colours, designs and prices before you make a final decision about what to buy for your business needs. You will also want to explore the cost of having the door installed and if you can get a discount for buying more than one door.

With the impressive styles available and the savings you can realise from these upgrades, making the switch to a PVCU door for your company is a wise decision that will pay for itself in short order.