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Tips For Buying Cheap Designer Clothes


There can be no better feeling at times than when you look your very best and know that you saved money while achieving the “ultimate you” look.  In the past it was really rather hard to find any real bargains on the designer items you dreamed of owning and wearing.  However, a lot of things have changed in the last few years.  If you are sensible and know the kinds of places to look and shop, you will be able to find those stunning, designer clothes at affordable prices.  To help you, we have gathered together some of our favourite tips to help you.

New Clothes

A great place to find new and discounted designer clothing is online auction sites such as eBay.  Hundreds and thousands of clothing merchants from all over the world list designer clothes that are completely new at reduced prices.

Overstock retail stores are also a great place to look for bargains and can usually be found in local shopping malls.  A large number of clothing manufacturers and shops produce a larger number of items than they can sell in their high street stores, and they sell the excess stock to specialist department stores who then sell those items at greatly reduced prices.  By far the best designer discount retailers are Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory who sell designer lines throughout the year.

The best place to find cheap designer clothes however, is the outlet store.  However, it is important that you remain sensible and don’t be suckered in too much by bargains that may not actually be bargains.  Keep in mind that if there are items that are sold with a discount of 50% or 70%, the discount is on the RRP not the actual price.  RRP, or Recommended Retail Price, although you may think it sounds like it is, is not the actual price an item would sell for, but is actually the price the manufacturer or retailer thinks it is worth.  The difference between what an item is actually worth and the RRP is often mind-blowing.

Gently Used Clothes

If you want to save money, but are not particularly bothered about wearing someone else’s old clothes, you should consider taking a trip to your local charity or resale shops.  These stores have various hidden treasures that are often just bundled into a corner or hanging up, so a little bit of diligence is required to hunt them out.  It is worth remembering if you are a bit conscious about buying another person’s cast-offs that you can wash them or have them dry cleaned.  There have been instances where people have been able to buy extremely high quality designer clothes for as little as a couple of pounds.

Church charity fundraisers, car boot and jumble sales are also places you should check out for bargains.  Although the majority of items will undoubtedly be used, you could still find a great bargain if you look closely and carefully.

How You Can Eat Eggs On A Low Fat/Calorie Diet

eggsOne question that many people ask is “Can you eat eggs on a low fat diet?”  The answer is yes, as long as you use them in moderation.  If, because you read some alarming newspaper column, you thought that eggs had high levels of cholesterol, this article is worth reading.  Although most eggs contain roughly 210 mg of cholesterol, which is less than the old estimate of 275 mg, and this is 2 1/3’s of the 300 mg daily limit, there are things you should also keep in mind when choosing whether to eat eggs or not.

The Cholesterol

There is still much debate as to whether there is a link between blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol.  Factors such as exercise, smoking, age, family history and diet affect the body’s levels of blood cholesterol.  However, there is real evidence that suggests eating foods with trans-fats and saturated fats have a bigger impact on the levels of blood cholesterol than the ingestion of dietary cholesterol.

The Fat

It may be true that many of the foods that have high levels of cholesterol also have high levels of saturated or trans-fat, eggs are not one of them.  An egg has around 5g of fat, 1.5 g of which saturates.  The only reason that people consider eggs to be high in fat is because of the type of foods people eat with them, such as sausage and bacon for the humble fry-up or with cheese in omelettes.

They Are High In Nutrients

As well as being a great source of protein, eggs contain around a dozen different minerals and vitamins – including amongst others vitamins B-12, E, D and A; Riboflavin; Phosphorous; Folate; Zinc and Iron.  That is a reasonable amount of nutritional value for something that has about 70 calories each.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

There are eggs available that contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.  These are acids which can’t be produced by the boy, but are connected to preventing the risk of heart attacks and other conditions related to heart disease.

Whites Versus Yolks

The yolk of an egg is where all the cholesterol and fat is contained, with the majority of the protein being in the white.  Therefore, in order to get the most out of eggs if you are trying to low calorie diet and eat low calorie meals, you need to cut down on the amount of yolks you use.  One handy tip is where a recipe says to use 2 whole eggs, use instead 2 egg whites, but be careful as it could affect recipes, such as baked ones.

Eating Eggs The Low Fat Way

Hopefully from the above, you have learnt that you can have eggs as part of a low calorie diet, as long as you eat them in moderation.  Try making omelettes full of veggies, scrambled eggs (following the egg white to full egg ratio) and poached eggs.  In addition if you use cookware such as non-stick skillets and pans, you don’t need to use oil or butter.

How To Keep Your Gardens Safe and Secure For Children

The home is a dangerous place for inquiring little minds. Statistics show that more accidents happen in and around the home than anywhere else. In fact, though there are many thousands of injuries, around one hundred and twenty deaths occur every year to people under the age of fifteen.

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The garden is a place to be enjoyed, but it is also a place where great care must be taken if children are to come to no harm when playing out there.

Here is a list of things to be aware of that, if not attended to, could cause harm to a young child. There are also some sensible precautions to take that will help keep your children safe from others.

Water Danger

There is a danger to children from drowning in garden ponds. It may not be necessary, however, to fill the pond in. Make your pond safer by using these ideas:

  • Build a chain link fence that is too tall for the children to get over. A locked gate will provide access to the pond when needed.

  • Cover the pond with a grille made to measure by your local fabrication company.

  • Make sure there are gentle slopes to the water rather than vertical walls. If the worst did happen, a child would need all the help they can get climbing out.

  • Make sure the pond can be clearly seen from the house.


Cats have a wonderful ability to sneak into your garden and bury their droppings. The feces of cats can contain a parasite called Toxoplasma. Children playing in the garden may come into contact with this, and it can make them ill. If the mother of a child is pregnant, Toxoplasmosis can cause damage to an unborn fetus. Be sure to keep a lid on a sandpit when it is not in use to prevent cats using it as a toilet. Also, flower beds should be checked if it is suspected a cat has been in there.


Never leave a hot barbecue unattended Turning your back for just a moment while your fillet steak is grilling can have dire consequences for little fingers. Children move very fast when they see something that interests them.


Installing a tall fence around the garden is a priority. No-one can keep an eye often their children every second they are playing outside, yet sometimes it only takes a second for a vicious dog to gain entry and do harm. There is also the possibility of intruders to be considered too. If there is a gate to your garden it should ideally be as tall as the fence, sturdy, locked, and bolted. It should be a deterrent to intruders and good enough to keep the little ones from wandering.


All garden tools should be locked away in a shed. Injuries are common when children try imitate their parents by gardening. Special care should be taken never to leave a lawn mower unattended. Though electrically powered models have safety switches, accidents still happen.

Trees and Bushes

By giving the planting scheme some more thought, it is possible to design a garden where the kids won’t scratch themselves; on thorn bushes, for example. The scratches themselves are often minor injuries, but there is always a potential for infection.

Creating a safe environment doesn’t take any special knowledge; it is often just down to plain old common sense. By taking sensible precautions and not letting them out of your sight for more than a minute, there is no reason your children cannot enjoy your garden to it’s full potential.

Tips and Ideas: Buying The Perfect Gift For Him

men shoes.jpg

Shopping for a perfect gift for him is undeniably tough. There are several reasons why it is hard to know what a man really want. They don’t usually give us a clue, or they would prefer to buy the things that they want on their own. Thus, many wives and girlfriends are having a hard time deciding about what to buy for their man.

In order to help many women in the world, here are some tips and ideas that you can take note if you want to give him the perfect gift that he will truly like.

Know Him Better

You might think that you truly know your man. Yet why is it hard to find the right gift for him? Maybe you need to know him even better. You have to pay attention on what he does and he talks about lately. It may be about sports or any activity that he is into. Although there are some guys who are much more vocal about their wants, some are just about you knowing how to read between the lines.

Support His Hobbies

You know how important and special it is for a man to know that his girl supports him with hobbies? And they obviously love to receive gifts that they can use for the activities that they truly like doing. Giving them something that they can use and will enhance their hobbies even more such as slip-resistant shoes is a plus. You just have to know more or to do some research about that hobby and be observant about what’s lacking on his equipment.

Men Love Gadgets

For men, technology really rules. So if you have enough budget to spend, buying some latest gadget that you think suits him would be great. Whether it’s the latest Smartphone or gaming gadget, your man will surely love it. A man of any age will never say no to a high tech gadget.

Something for His Stomach

The all-time favorite saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach absolutely works. If you have ample time to spend, cooking his favourite dish is a great idea. You need to cook something that you don’t eat often but you know that he craves for.

Make it Personal

For those who don’t have enough budget to spend, using some effort and time would be great. Make a more personal gift. If you’re artistic enough, you might want to buy a plain and a simple shirt, and then put some personalized art and designs that describes his personality and style. There are many suggestions online that you can consider.

Buying him a perfect gift should not be that hard as long as you have the time, the willingness and the love of making him happy.

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Unique Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is usually the most popular part of the home. It’s where you entertain guests, get together with your family, relax after a long day, or enjoy a film with your partner. The living room is a multifunctional space that can greatly affect our mood! Of course we’d all like to feel relaxed and content in the living room, so it’s important that it’s decorated to a comfortable, cosy standard. However, you don’t want your living room to blend in with the rest of them – check out these unique living room design ideas for something a little different!


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White Wonderland

For a white wonderland room, pretty much everything is white. Feel free to add a small splash of colour, but too much will ruin the effect. White/cream lamp shades, tables, fluffy carpets, cabinets, sofas, and accessories will look amazing with a few fairy lights, a bunch of flowers, candles, and wood flooring. Heaven!

Cute and Colourful

For a cute and colourful design, keep things fresh but vibrant. You can do this with a wooden floor and white walls, where you can then accessorise with colour to your heart’s content. A bright coloured coffee table will look amazing with a few colourful flowers in a vase on top, then just add a couple of funky cushions and some art work to complete the effect!

Cosy Vintage

For a cosy vintage feel, it’s all about pretty pastel colours, especially creams and pinks. Mix this up with wicker and materials, cosy throws, rugs, and pillows, and don’t forget to light your candles!

Clean Cut

Some people prefer a clean cut style living room, and this is easily done with the use of neutral, fresh colours, Try white walls, white marble flooring, with splashes of black, brown, and perhaps a few other colours in the form of accessories like pillows, chairs, and books. This look works especially well in a large living room.

Luxury Lounging

We could all use a little luxury sometimes! Have a living space where your seating area is totally social, so that you and your guests can share a great conversation and glass of wine. Use only light neutral colours and luxurious feeling fabrics.

Glam Texture

Glam texture is probably my favourite of them all! A white settee, bright coloured chair, and matching accents can look amazing. Paint your walls white and bright to make them pop, then add texture and patterns in the form of changing guards, carpets, and footrests. Add metallics for extra glam, and try custom wallpapers for an original feature wall!

Monochrome with a Twist

You can’t beat monochrome, as it’s such a timeless look. However, instead of going for simply black and white, add in bits of dark/light grey and cream. This will add another dimension to your monochrome living room!

What do you think of these living room design ideas? If it’s a classic yet different look you’re after, you can’t go wrong by emulating one of these lovely designs. Try them and see what you end up with – I promise, you’ll love it!