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Top Tips for Organising a Kids Birthday Party

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Organising a kids birthday party can be a pretty complicated task, especially if you’ve never had to do it before. However in spite of this, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you’re able to deliver a kids birthday party that’s set to impress all that attend, with both the kids and the grown ups leaving satisfied!

Get Some Great food

One of the most important aspects of organising a kids birthday party, is to ensure that you’ve got the right food at hand. You’re probably not looking to have some luxurious menu items on offer, since this is a kids birthday party after all. However in any case, you’ll still want to have some food that is going to keep the little party goers satisfied. Think about keeping it simple, going with some of the proven finger food options that kids love.

Before you go ahead with ordering the food for a birthday party, double check to see if there are any kids attending who have special dietary requirements, such as a nut allergy, or vegetarian restrictions.

Keep Them Entertained

Kids are notorious for their ability to become easily bored. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got something planned when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. There are many options for this, as you could think about using some specialist entertainers who only deal with kids parties. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, you could just do things yourself, and take a look on the web to see what you can do in order to keep the kids happy when it comes to entertainment at the party. If you’ve seen some great ideas for what you can do to keep the kids entertained, but need to source the items needed, consider using websites such as Little Cherry to give you a helping hand.

Seek out Help

If you’re looking to do everything without any help, you could be making things harder than they need to be. You don’t need to do this however, and there is every chance that you could source some outside help to make the task of hosting a kids birthday party that much easier. In fact, you could always consider asking some of the other parents if they’re able to provide you with the help you might need. They might be able to help you with serving up the food for example, and maybe even the cleanup after the party has ended.

Get the Contact Details of Other Parents

When it comes to hosting a birthday party for kids, it is important that you take the time to get the contact details of the parents of all children attending. This will give you the peace of mind needed, so you know you can easily reach the parents of the children attending, should there be an emergency, or unexpected circumstance.

Party Time

As you can see, organising a birthday party for children is not as hard as you might have once thought. As long as you get the basics right, such as the food and the entertainment, there should be no worries of flopping when it comes to having a great party. Even if there are issues whilst the party takes place, you should be able to take everything in your stride, as you have some help on hand, and know how to get in touch with the other parents should there be the need to do so.

7 Awesome Car-Related Places To Visit With Your Kids

Sometimes parents can be stuck for ideas on what to do with their children during school holidays or even on weekends, especially if the friends of those kids are on holiday abroad somewhere and they’ve got no-one to play with.

Going on holiday is obviously a good option, but if money is tight in your household then the idea of going abroad with the kids can be something of a pipe dream at the moment. But here’s an idea if you want to make your kids spend their time doing something interesting, cheap (or even free) and within the UK – take them out to some awesome car-related places for the day!

Even if your kids aren’t car fanatics, they can still have an enjoyable time as kids love checking out all sorts of interesting and even quirky things – and it might even give them some idea as to what career path they might want to follow when they grow up!

Check out these top 7 automotive venues and destinations as compiled by Listers VW that you might like to consider taking your children out to.

1. Beaulieu National Motor Museum (Brockenhurst, Hampshire)

(Photo Credit: Darren J Glanville)

Located in the New Forest in southern England, the Beaulieu National Motor Museum also features a Palace House and gardens (which parents will also want to explore), a Secret Army Exhibition and much, much more!

2. Heritage Motor Centre (Gaydon, Warwickshire)

(Photo Credit: Phil Brown)

With nearly 300 British cars for visitors to view and admire from a wide range of eras, the Heritage Motor Centre is conveniently located just off the M40 and promises an interesting day out for fans of vintage and modern British cars alike.

3. Haynes International Motor Museum (Sparkford, Somerset)

(Photo Credit: Ian Kirk)

Boasting the United Kingdom’s largest collection of cars and motorbikes, the Haynes International Motor Museum has over 400 examples of automotive magic under the one roof!

4. Silverstone Circuit (Towcester, Northamptonshire)

(Photo Credit: Russell Whitworth)

The world-famous Silverstone Circuit is, of course, home to Formula One racing and the British Grand Prix but there is also a whole bunch of other stuff that one can see and do here, such as embarking on guided tours both on the ground and in a helicopter.

5. Lakeland Motor Museum (Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria)

(Photo Credit: Tony Harrison)

If you are up in Cumbria, then you should consider taking the kids on a trip to the Lakeland Motor Museum and checking out all of the cool automotive exhibits housed there, and maybe follow it up by some sailing on Lake Windermere afterwards?

6. Coventry Transport Museum (Coventry, West Midlands)

(Photo Credit: David Merrett)

The free to enter Coventry Transport Museum features a whole host of British car and motorbike exhibits, as well as other awesome items such as a DeLorean (like from the Back to the Future movies) and ThrustSSC – the world’s fastest car!

7. Brooklands Museum (Weybridge, Surrey)

(Photo Credit: Alec Wilson)

Home to the world’s first racing circuit, the Brooklands Museum features all manner of cars and motorbikes from various eras and is the only museum in the south-east that houses a Concorde plane that visitors are allowed to tour!

3 of the best walks to go on in Europe



Walking holidays have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many holiday goers are swapping sun-soaked beaches and flip flops for rugged country trails and walking boots. It’s easy to see why; Europe is far too beautiful to enjoy from the comfort of a sun bed. With that in mind, here are just three walks we think you’ll enjoy:

The Challenging – England

For those looking to push their walking abilities to the limit, the Hadrian’s Wall trail will certainly scratch that itch. Originally built by the mighty Roman Empire to defend against the wild scots; the wall is now home to one of the most challenging and satisfying walks in the country. The 84-mile trail will take you across rolling green hills, arduous tracks and varied moorland.

Make no mistake, this is a walk for the hardcore. We’d suggest that you practice walking long distance before you go and book your accommodation in advance, so that you have places to rest along the way. You should also make sure that you have appropriate hiking boots for the job. Brantano has a diverse selection, so pick something that provides suitable support as you navigate difficult terrain.

The Cultured – Paris

City breaks are an excellent way of incorporating sightseeing and exercise. It is for this reason that we have chosen Paris – the city of light – as our top ‘cultured’ walking destination.

There’s plenty to see and do in this capital city: grab yourself a map and make a plan of all the local landmarks, gardens, churches and museums you want to visit. Even if you’re only there for a couple of days, you’ll cover a lot of ground as you make your way from the Eiffel Tower, to Invalides, to Notre Dame and even further.

Even the museums provide a decent walking challenge. The Louvre alone occupies 60,600 square metres of space, so make sure you pack some comfortable shoes! It’s possible to spend a whole day walking here as you make your way between the world famous art exhibits. This floor plan should help you plan your route.

The Serene – Tuscany

For something a bit more laid back, Tuscany in Italy has some fantastic trails that can be enjoyed at a gentle pace. There are a number of gorgeous hilltop villages to visit; all of which can be seen whilst strolling around in the scorching sun. Temperatures do peak during the summer, so make sure you stay hydrated and apply appropriate UV protection.

Walk About Tuscany has some tailor made routes that will show you what the country has to offer. The beautiful sights of Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Colle Val d’Elsa can all be enjoyed at a leisurely pace in a single day.