The Advantages Of Being A Foster Parent

The Advantages Of Being A Foster Parent

April 29, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Everyone needs a little help at some time in their lives. The chances are that this will happen more than once; going it alone is not easy in this world. Often, circumstances are beyond our control and it is the kindness of others that enable us to keep going and eventually move on; back to normality.

Children are especially vulnerable to circumstances changing for the worst. Maybe their parents are divorcing or are suffering with chemical dependency, perhaps their mother or father are ill and need taking care of themselves. The child may have been removed from an abusive situation and is awaiting adoption. Whatever the reasons; sometimes children need to be taken away from their home and relocated, whether it is temporary or permanent.

Social Services are tasked with providing protection for these children. The system is not perfect; indeed it is not fit for purpose in some cases, but it is all we have. The department employs foster carers to take in children when they are needed. Fostering for many people has become their career. If you are considering becoming a foster carer, there is information here detailing some of the benefits to you.

The Advantages

Fostering is a well paid job, and your employer is trustworthy, so there is never any concerns about being paid on time. In this day and age, there are many unscrupulous employers out there waiting to take advantage of people.

Becoming a foster carer brings job satisfaction that is second to none. Being able to take in a vulnerable child, make them feel secure and happy, and give their parents, who may be going through a tough time, peace of mind, gives the ultimate in job satisfaction. You are appreciated and remembered by everyone whose lives you touch.

As a Foster parent, you will meet many interesting people from all walks of life. It is not only the poor that need help sometimes; anyone can be struck down by illness or events beyond their control. You will probably see the best and worst of humanity during your time working in this profession.


Some of the children that you take under your wing will have endured a tough upbringing. This is not their fault, but it will have had an effect on them. Expect to go through difficult times until they settle in with you. This can take a long time and sometimes it is more than you can handle. The child may be taken from you and located elsewhere, leaving you with a sense of failure.

Letting children go when you have become attached to them is heart wrenching. The child may stay with you for a very long time, maybe even years, before a suitable home is found for them. It is not uncommon for Foster parents to ask if they can adopt a child. This is rarely allowed, however, as you are far more valuable as a Foster carer.

The advantages of being a Foster parent far outweigh the disadvantages. For someone who has a natural empathy with others and a desire to help, it is the perfect profession. If you would like to become a Foster parent yourself, contact your Social Services agency who will give you all of the details. You will be glad you did.