Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How to Design a Fairy-Tale Bathroom

picYour bathroom should be more than a room you simply pass through in a rush. If you design it right, the bathroom could be a den of peace and relaxation, a place where you can take a bath and forget the outside world for a bit. Design your bathroom like the land of “once upon a time” by adding fairy-tale touches to your bathroom.

The Mirror

The centerpiece of a fairy-tale bathroom is an ornate vanity. When you think of fairy tales, you can’t help but think of Snow Whiteand the Wicked Queen’s enchanted mirror. Since the mirror is a focal point of most any bathroom, start with the mirror in your fairy-tale bathroom to set the room’s theme. Along with the mirror, you need a matching vanity, complete with a sink or two and cupboards for storage.

When picking out a vanity to fit the fairy-tale theme of the room, opt for:

  • Elaborate, attractive styles. Sleek and simple won’t work as well for the fairy-tale theme.
  • Pedestal sinks. Thiscaptures that enchanted bowl of water feeling.
  • Framed mirror. This accentuates the “enchanted mirror” aspect better than mirrors without frames.
  • Curves. Straight and rectangular aren’t as mystical as vanities that are rounded and smooth

Start by shopping in the “antique” section of the bathroom supply store. Then, go with luxury fit for a fairy-tale queen or king.

The Details

The overall fairy-tale effect comes across in all the room’s details. Pick classic, rounded design over modern or angular in everything you can think of, including:

  • Faucet and bathtub handles
  • Cabinets
  • Towel bars
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Shower heads
  • Tiles
  • Interior doors and door handles
  • Soap dispensers or dishes
  • Toothbrush holders

Give anything you store in the bathroom a fairy-tale touch. Shop for classic or antique styles.

The Tub

Perhaps second only to the vanity in a fairy tale–focused bathroom is the tub. If you have the space and budget for the renovation, choose a footed, antique-style tub. The raised tub is old-fashioned and perfect for a fantasy, medieval-like setting. Imagine royalty bathing in a castle. Select a separate walk-in shower or connect the shower to the standalone tub. If you choose the latter, wrap a forest-themed or royalty-themed — think the color purple — shower curtain around the tub.

The Color Scheme

There’s more than one way to capture the fairy-tale feeling, although all involve antique or classic fixtures. The colors you choose to paint the walls and for the curtains (if applicable) play another important role in setting the fairy-tale stage.

  • The royal theme. Think castles. Gray for the stone of the castle wall is a nice, neutral color. For a bolder look, pick the royal color purple.
  • The forest theme.More than one fairy tale takes place in the forest. Opt for greens, browns and other natural colors.
  • The cottage theme.Like the setting in “Little Red Riding Hood,” your bathroom can look warm and inviting with wood-themed colors like light brown.
  • The underwater theme.Take a page from “The Little Mermaid”and paint the room in shades of blue.

If you’re talented or have the budget to hire a talented painter, take the color scheme a step further and paint a fairy-tale scene on the wall. The royal theme works well with a castle painting, and the forest and cottage themes look great with painted depictions of trees. The underwater theme is complete with sea life and an underwater castle.

The bathroom is a place where you can take a “time out” from the stresses of daily life and get a moment or two to yourself. If you make indulgent bathing a regular part of your routine, says Discovery Fit & Health, you reduce stress levels and improve minor aspects of your health, such as increasing blood circulation and soothing aches and pains. Having a beautiful fairy-tale bathroom will make you want to spend more time there.

About the Author: Tiffani Vickers is a contributing writer and interior designer. She loves seeing bathroom designs like fairy-tale themes come to life in her client’s homes.


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