Europe’s Best Spring Holiday Destinations

Europe’s Best Spring Holiday Destinations

January 14, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Most UK residents wait until the summer to take a family holiday, but as so many of us are currently experiences money trouble, perhaps moving things forward slightly and opting to travel during the spring months would be the ideal solution. You see; everything is always cheaper during this period, as fewer people take a vacation due to the weather. This is precisely the reason why you should consider visiting a European destination between February and April. You never know; it might even work out much more enjoyable.

With that in mind, this article has been written to help people on a budget to select the perfect location for their family break. All of the places included have been popular with British tourists for years, and I’ve personally been to each of them, so I can vouch for their appeal. So, have a quick read through all the information I’ve included, and you should come away with a much better idea of where you should go over the next couple of months.

Paris, France

Known around the world as the city of love, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot more to Paris than meets the eye at first. Sure, you’ve got top class restaurants and beautiful, unique architecture, but there’s also some amazing museums and plenty to keep the kids occupied as well. Venere hotels in Paris are usually quite cheap, and so it might be a good idea to start comparing prices and weighing up your options immediately if you want to avoid disappointment. You have to remember that this is a very desirable location, and so accommodation tends to get fully booked pretty quickly.

Prague, Czech Republic

Now, I’ve been here over five times since the year 2000, so that should tell you something about how stunning this city really is. Thanks to mass immigration from almost every country in the world after world war two, the Czech culture is incredibly interesting, and don’t be surprised if you bump into people of the like you’ve never seen before. To illustrate this, I actually have a friend over there now called Jordell. He was born in Nigeria during the 1950’s; he speaks French, and he’s been living in Prague since the age of ten. This place is incredibly diverse.

Rome, Italy

Although the weather does pick up in Italy towards the summer, most people who visit this destination do so for other reasons anyway. Rome is filled with historic buildings and ruins of the largest and greatest empire ever to exist on this planet. Also, you’ll find hundreds of designer clothing stores and boutique shops guaranteed to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. Accommodation is usually very cheap in the spring, just avoid staying at any of the top hotels, as they will cost you upwards of £200 per night. By sticking with the budget options, you could end up only paying that amount for an entire week.

So there you have it guys, you should now be ready to start making arrangements for your spring 2014 holiday. I hope you have a fantastic time, wherever you decide to go.