Moving Home the Stress-Free Way


Young Couple Moving In To New Home Together

Moving house can be a very stressful experience – one of the most stressful of all, it is said – and it pays to be able to find a team to take the stress away from you. If you live in or around the Simi Valley or LA, you need to talk to Attention to Detail Moving, the best moving company in the region, as they offer a range of services that are second to none. You will find they can help with any move, no matter how complex or simple, and that they apply the same level of professionalism every time. Why do we recommend Attention to Detail above all others?

The company was formed with the intention of providing top quality removals services in and around LA, by a group of friends who were dissatisfied with the service they had been provided elsewhere. The provide precision, streamlined services based on techniques learned during military training, and have many satisfied customers so far, with hundreds of moves having been successfully accomplished. You can rely on them to provide the service you need at the best prices, as they provide competitive rates with excellent quality.

Simi Valley Moving Services

As the premier Simi Valley moving company, Attention to Detail are able to handle any request you may have, including both local and long-distance moves. They have a reputation for excellent service, and will do all they can to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible. They will happily talk to you about moving large or unusual items – they are experts in piano removals, for example – and can help with storage, too. You will find the team to be helpful, friendly and professional throughout, and we have no doubt you will be satisfied with the entire operation.

By utilising military training, Attention to Detail have been able to improve the quality of their moving service beyond all expectations, and have raised the bar for quality in this area. They also offer expert, safe and secure storage solutions in the region, so if you need to store any items, for any duration, you will find their rates to be impressive.

Expert Packing Solutions

Packing is an essential part of any house move, and Attention to Detail can help with a home packing service that is the best in the business. They will advise you also on the best method of packing intricate items, and can show you how best to make sure all your items are safe for the journey ahead. With many satisfied clients so far, Attention to Detail is the name to remember for the very best service in the business, and at the most competitive rates.

By using Attention to Detail, you are engaging the services of professionals dedicated to taking the strain out of moving home, so you can be sure of a successful move. Check out the website now, and fill in the online form for a free quote.

Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings



A beautiful bathroom and well-designed kitchen make life easier, and also add value to your home. With a vast choice of modern, stylish fixtures and fittings available it is essential that you get it right, and taking advice from professionals is always a sensible idea. Whether you are looking for a full kitchen or bathroom, or simply want to upgrade fittings such as faucets, basins or toilets, you will be impressed with the range on offer from Plumbtile, a leading provider of fixtures, fittings, tiles and accessories with a truly comprehensive choice of top quality, name brand items.

Choosing the best quality is always advisable, as not only do you get a longer life, but quality really does shine through. All of the items available from Plumbtile, everything from bath tubs and showers, kitchen sinks and a wide variety of accessories, are guaranteed top quality, and also you’ll find them to be sensibly priced. Take the range of superb Drop-in Sinks, for example: beautifully designed and very stylish, they are perfect for any kitchen installation, and look fantastic with other superb fixtures and fittings.

Advice from Experts

The Plumbtile website also offers a great selection of advice and help on how to install tiles, and what makes the best choice for your individual requirements. You can chat to an expert live on the website if you wish, or use the contact details to get in touch, and one of the team will come back to you as quickly as they can. They’ll be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have, so you can understand everything you need to before making your purchase.

If you are looking for tiles, then Plumbtile is the ideal place to be. They have a wide selection of different types of tile, including glass and stone options, and supply quality items at sensible prices. We like the superb marble tile range from the highly-regarded Cosa Marble Co., who have been manufacturing and supplying beautiful tiles of many designs, and will certainly have something you like.

Beautiful Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the home, and while essentially practical, there is no reason why you cannot have a beautiful bathroom. Tiling is especially effective, and Plumbtile has a fabulous choice of bathroom tile options, plus you can choose from a full selection of bathroom furniture, all from quality manufacturers. Whether you are looking to replace your current bathroom suite, or are fitting a new one in the home, you will find everything required at Plumbtile, the experts in quality service and products.

Have a look at the Plumbtile website now for more details of their extensive range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories, and you will find that they have the best items at the most sensible prices. We recommend you talk to the friendly experts using the live chat option, as they will be able to help you with everything you could possibly need.

How to Cook Your Christmas Chicken In A Paper Bag



Paper bags can be used in plenty of ways in the kitchen. For example, you can use them to help your fruit to ripen faster. You can even use a paper bag to make a delicious dinner if you know what to do, and making paper bag chicken is one of our favourite ways to repurpose these eco-friendly bags.

A nice roast chicken dinner isn’t something that many of us would turn away from, and using a simple brown paper bag can make each mouthful more mouth-watering than ever. Roasting a chicken in a paper bag is an excellent cooking hack since the material lets just enough steam escape for the skin to get brown and crispy but still traps enough to make the meat moist and tender.

Of course, you need to make sure you use a bag that doesn’t have any printing on it, and make sure that the bag doesn’t touch the top of the oven. Just follow these simple instructions to get everything else done in style.

First thing’s first: turn on your oven and preheat it to 400 degrees. Next, rinse your chicken off and then remove as much excess fat as you can. It’s now time to add some seasoning; sprinkle the chicken generously with some salt and pepper, then rub the skin with some paprika and use rosemary and onion for inside the cavity.

You’re now ready to use your brown paper bag. A standard size bag should be big enough; just slip the chicken inside, then use some kitchen twine in order to tightly seal it closed. Take your bagged chicken and place it on a baking sheet, then put it on one of your oven’s lower shelves. Sit back and relax for the next hour and a half while your chicken roasts.

Once your 90 minutes is up and the kitchen is full of the delicious smell of roasted chicken, remove it from the oven and then open the bag slowly to release the steam still held inside. All you need to do now is let it stand for 10 minutes or so before digging in.

What to Ask When Considering Heated Floors




You’ve decided to get new flooring installed. Congratulations! The next thing you’ve started to look into is in floor heating, also called radiant heat used to warm the floor surface. What is it? How does it work? What are the best flooring materials to use with it? These and many other questions will be answered below so that you can make an educated decision and in turn, have the best flooring experience.




Why Use Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat actually has quite a few benefits, but the main one is that it allows you to keep your floors warm. It also plays up against the fact that heat always rises. When the heat rises, it doesn’t really benefit you, but in this case, it keeps the heat from doing that and instead slows the dispersal rate down.

The heat, over time, will still rise, but not at such a high speed as it normally would. Also, since you will be essentially warming your feet up, you won’t need to heat the entire house up.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using It?

While the radiant heat itself isn’t really expensive, it’s the installation that can be. Sometimes you can expect to pay anywhere between $4 to $6 extra per square foot – this doesn’t include any other costs like materials for the floor itself and installation. Definitely, something to consider. Also, when it comes to materials, radiant heat works less with something like carpet because carpet is already an efficient insulator. Therefore, if you have carpet, you really are just wasting money installing something that doesn’t really need to be installed. In a lot of cases, things like hardwood, ceramic, porcelain and stone would be a better fit, you can get great selections of these flooring at Also there are plenty of confusing facts and myths about radiant heating that might affect your decision of installing them in the first place. Therefore, you might want to do your research beforehand.

The 3 Types Of Radiant Heat

When choosing to use radiant heat, you will then have to look into the 3 types. They include; forced air, hydronic-based and electrical. All 3 have their own benefits, disadvantages, and uses of course.

For forced air, this is a type that is very rarely used in homes. Instead, it’s better suited for commercial properties. The hydronic-based system is the more efficient option of the last 2, and it uses hot water for heat, carrying it throughout the house using tubing. This is also the more popular option. Electrical systems tend to be less efficient than the hydronic option, but this will really be dependent on where you live and how much you pay for electricity.

The 2 Types Of Installations

There are 2 main types of installations, they include wet and dry. Wet installations are going to be done when the house is first being built or when the flooring has an added layer of concrete and then the radiant heat is added hence the wet – wet concrete. Dry, on the other hand, is layered either above or below the sub-floor of your space. Dry is the newer type of technology and tends to be the most popular for this reason alone. Dry is also popular because they are perfect for homes that have already been built, you won’t need additional concrete to be laid.

Do you Have To Do The Entire Floor?

The short answer: No. In fact, most people who install these do not actually do the entire floor in radiant heating. Now if you have a smaller space like a small bathroom, by all means, do it, or if money’s no object, great, do the entire floor. But, most people just add the radiant heating to “parts” of the floor because of the shortage of budget. For instance, some popular spots include; in front of the shower, in front of the vanity, around the toilet, by the sink in the kitchen, at the main counter in the kitchen, etc.

This way you aren’t placing radiant heating where you won’t be using it. Just in the places where you do need it and will use it. Obviously, this is entirely up to you, but it will cost less to do a partial mat rather than a whole room mat.

Are Dogs Good for Kids?



Kids have boundless energy. Sometimes it seems that the more they do the more energetic they get. It is great to see your children running around and enjoying themselves, but keeping up with them is exhausting. It is always a relief when someone else takes them out and runs around the park with them.

Studies show that pets are goods for kids

Getting a dog helps a lot. Young dogs love to play, and providing you choose the right type can match your kid’s energy levels.

Most of us realise this, but did you know that a dog could help your children in many other ways, as well? Well they can, recent research has shown that kids that are bought up in homes with a dog grow into more confident, well-adjusted adults.

Living with a dog means that your children have to learn important social skills at an early age. They need to accommodate the dog and his or her needs. For example, leaving your pet alone when they are asleep teaches a young child that they have to respect boundaries, and be mindful of how animals and others are feeling.

Studies also show that children who have pets are more confident, and suffer from fewer emotional issues. If a child is having problems at school coming home to a dog that bounds into their arms, and wants to spend time with them provides much needed relief. It gives them a much-needed chance to smile, and forget the problems of the day.

It may seem strange, but many kids talk to their pets about their problems. The fact that the dog, cat or hamster does not ask a stream of questions, or judge them, means that the child can be 100% honest about how they are feeling. Being able to talk freely to someone about a problem is a great relief, and has been shown to help children to work through difficult issues.

If you would like to learn more about the different ways dogs could help kids to manage psychological problems, you can do so by reading this page.

Getting a puppy

If, after reading this, you do think getting a puppy is a good idea you need to be careful about where you buy it. It is especially important to buy your puppy from a proper breeder. You need to find one that is registered, and keeps their dogs in the right conditions. If you do not do so, there is a strong chance that you will discover that your new puppy has health or behavioural problems once you get him or her home, by which point it is too late to do anything about it.

Therefore, if you see a puppies for sale in Glasgow sign my advice is that you pause for a moment, and check that breeders credentials before buying from them. Doing that is the best way to make sure that you end up with the right puppy for you and your kids.

How to Make a Funky Pendant Lampshade from a Paper Bag




A paper bag pendant lightshade might only sound like something you’d put together in a pinch if there’s nothing else around. However, use the right tricks and you can create a cool and funky light that really catches people’s attention. All you need is two large paper bags, some string or yarn, and some glue or double sided tape.

Start by taking a long paper carrier bag without handles. Fold it half lengthwise, then fold each of those half pieces in half. Continue doing so until the whole length has been divided into 16 parts that accordion outwards. Next up, make folds along the first row of your diagonal folds. Start at the centre of each one, then fold down in a long triangular shape to each side.

Now you’ve finished with the first bag, it’s time to start making use of your second one. Cut this bag to half the length of the first one, and then start folding again until you have 8 accordion-style folds. You can now join the two pieces together using either double sided tape or some strong glue. Find the ends that match, then stick them together.

You should now have a globular shade, but you still need to poke some holes through the top. After doing so, threat in some string or yarn so you can open and close the top at will. You can now hang the shade.

If you want to take things a little further, you can simply connect a bulb to a length of wire and then wrap that wire in twine to make sure it looks the part. No matter what you do, you need to take one important thing into account: the type of bulb you use. It’s best to pick ones that aren’t going to generate too much heat, such as LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs should never be used near paper, so make sure you give these ones a miss.

For the best look, try positioning your lamp with paper bag pendant shade in a place where it will be used more for accent lighting than for illuminating an entire room.

A Guide to Growing your Own Vegetables



There are few things in life more rewarding than growing your own vegetables. Watching them grow and tending to them is a fantastic project, but the real treat is using them in a meal. Being self-sustainable and eating your own vegetables is something that everybody should try, as they taste much better knowing that they are the product of your hard work. In addition to this, growing your own vegetables is a fantastic way of reducing your grocery bill each week.

If you are considering growing your own vegetables for the upcoming season, this is what you need to know.

What to Grow

There are all kinds of different vegetables that you could grow, but if you are just starting out then you should opt for the easiest to grow. This includes salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, radishes, green beans and zucchini. If you are looking for more of a challenge and want to grow something a little more interesting and alternative, try your hand at corn on the cob, watermelons, pumpkins and chillies.

Choosing the Right Ground

Where you grow your vegetables will have an enormous impact on the success of the project. By picking the sunniest spot in your garden, it will help you to grow full and disease resistant vegetables and improve the flavour. For vegetables that need shade, you can achieve this with the use of netting or a wattle fence.

What you Need

In order for your vegetables to grow, you will need a few tools and pieces of equipment. It is recommended that you set up a fence to keep out any animals, whilst a polytunnel is an excellent way to protect plants from the wind and cold. For the highest quality, you should shop at specialist such as Premier Polytunnels. In addition to this, you will also need a watering can, a trowel, a stirrup hoe and a garden rake.

Caring for your Vegetables

How you care for your vegetables will depend on what you are growing, with there being plenty of insightful guides online to help you with this. Regardless of what you are growing, you will need to have patience, determination and set aside time each day to tend to the plot of land whether this is getting rid of weeds, cleaning the area or watering the plants.

Once the vegetables begin to grow it will soon become a fun and enjoyable task, but the real reward comes at the end when you can add vegetables that you have grown yourself to a meal.

Tips for Boosting Your Garden Security



Regardless of where you live, it is always important to take steps to protect your property from outside threats. This is particularly true if you have a large garden, which is why this should be the first line of defence. All homeowners should have a well-fitted and high-quality garden gate, as this will massively improve the safety of both your home and garden.

Keeping Intruders Out

In addition to keeping intruders away from your property, a high-quality garden gate can also keep animals out. This is particularly valuable if you are growing your own vegetables, as this can be a huge problem for many gardeners. With the knowledge that your garden is fully protected from outsiders, it will also give you complete peace of mind. This is especially important when you are away from the house and in the evenings.

Types of Gate

There are many different types of gate to consider, with many even being well designed so that they improve the look and feel of your backyard. Swing gates are the most popular choice, but you could also consider a sliding gate which can look fantastic and also boost the security.

Perhaps most important is the lock or bolt, as this is what will stop intruders. There are many different options, including a touch pad, ornamental lock, dropbolt, magnetic lock, hook gate locks and latch locks. Security spikes are also worthwhile to stop intruders from climbing over the top (you must have a sign to warn people if you have these). For all of this gate hardware, you should visit hardware component stores like Barrier Components.

The Perimeter

These are the key factors to consider when choosing a garden gate. Ideally, the gate should stand around1.2 metres (4 foot) and you will also need a 1.8 metre (6 foot) wall or fence at the back of your house to keep out intruders. You could also consider growing prickly plants or a hedge around the perimeter.

Other Factors

This should ensure that your garden is safe and secure from outside threat. However, you should also never leave items lying around in the garden, including barbeques, furniture, tools and lawnmowers. These should be kept in a locked shed or alternatively covered up. Finally, you can deter burglars by installing lights near windows that are triggered by movement.

Keeping your garden safe and secure will also protect your home. The best way to achieve this is through installing a well-fitted and high-quality gate, whilst these other steps will also ensure that no outsiders will gain access to your backyard.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink and Faucet



Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Every kitchen obviously needs a sink and faucet.  It can be something of a minefield trying to choose from the wide selection of sinks and faucets there are available today.  However, if you look at the style as a secondary element and the functionality and robustness as a primary concern, it can be much easier to figure out what is right for your kitchen.


When it comes to choosing a kitchen sink, they are normally made from enamel coated cast iron, stainless steel or other composite solids.  If you have engineered stone or granite surfaces, you should choose a sink that is made from stainless steel because of its capability for under mounting.  Also, stainless steel is a good option if you are particularly hard on your sink and throw things into it.  Be sure to remember that the lower the gauge of stainless steel, the better the quality.

How Many Sinks?

Traditionally, most kitchens feature a double sink.  However, if you do not wash many dishes by hand you are probably better sticking with just one bowl.  It really depends on your situation and the frequency you will be using your sink and what for.  If you have the space and wash by hand bigger pans, pots and baking sheets, you will probably need at least one oversized bowl sink.  Double oversized sink bowls are great, but only if space isn’t a problem.  If it is, you can opt for just one oversized bowl and a smaller one.

Choose Faucets For Their Functioning

There is a wide variety of faucets available out there, so there should not be any problem finding one that meets your style needs and preferences.  However, the thing you should think and consider more is what type of faucets are likely to last longer and what do you need your faucets to do?  Faucets made with solid brass materials and ceramic disc valves are generally the most durable you will find.  While two handled faucets are very popular still, there is a lot to be said for having a single lever with an additional spray arm to rinse your sink and fill pots and pans more easily.

It is sensible to avoid brass in the kitchen area, as it does not last very long in high-use areas.  Instead you are better off choosing a pewter, brushed nickel, polished nickel or even chrome faucet for the kitchen sink.

If entirely possible, it makes sense that you should try to get to a local plumbing or home wares store to check out how various styles of sinks and faucets and the materials used.  That way even if you intend on purchasing Dornbracht kitchen faucets or something else from you can still have a look at some things in the flesh to get a better idea of how they might look in your kitchen.

It doesn’t need to be a headache trying to find the right sink and faucets for your kitchen, especially if you keep the above post for reference when it is time to look at your options.

Top 3 Bar Fridges for a Family Home



Bar Fridge

There is nothing like going home and grabbing a bottle of wine from the wine rack, or pouring a glass of single-malt scotch whisky at your own personal bar, after a long, hard-working day. Whether we’re a stay-at-home parent or a full-time worker, we would love to indulge in that luxury. However bars and wine racks are quite an expensive luxury.

It’s quite nice to have some people over and have a small, inexpensive and stylish bar fridge to accommodates for your family and guests whilst your having a quiet night in. Bar fridges are an excellent luxurious feature that fits within your home, whilst keeping your budget in check. Here are some stylish designs that match the above details.

1. EnduroMax Mini Bar Fridge & Mechanic ToolBox (Available in Blank and Red Exterior)

This stylish and practical bar fridge is a great practical use for multiple purposes. Whilst the primary use is as a 50L capacity bar fridge, the EnduroMax Toolbox also allows for mechanical tools to be stored within the two draw compartments. The Bar Fridge and Mechanic Toolbox combination allows for a fun, and inexpensive novelty product to be placed in multiple areas of your home. It could fit perfectly for your home, whether it’s the pool-room, undercover veranda, or your tool shed.

2. Changhong 117L Bar Fridge-Black Exterior

Whilst this one of the most inexpensive bar fridges on our list, it doesn’t take any shortcuts on features and design flare. The slick, neat and simplistic model has an impressive 117L capacity, with plenty of shelving and door rack space to hold food and beverages, without having to cram everything into a tiny space. The glorious black exterior finish creates a sense of style without making a bold statement within your home decor.

3. Double Glass Door Black Bar Fridge with Lock

The largest appliance in capacity on our list, the Double Door Bar Fridge is the most incredibly solid and well-designed fridges on our list. With a whopping 230L capacity space, the functionality of the appliance is remarkable, with double-glazed and lockable glass doors, this bar fridge is a secure and elegant storage space for your food and beverage needs. With an LG low noise compressor, and adjustable thermostat, this are just icing on the cake for an incredible multi-functional fridge.

The variety and functionality of bar fridges is second-to-none, and are a great accessory to have within your beautiful homes. Whether the use is for the occasional drinks with family and friends, or just to keep the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc cool and chilled for your dinner with the partner, it’s a great extra appliance that can create style and class to your home, within an instant.

If you would like to find more information about the bar fridges we have to offer, and what would be perfect for your home, go to Have fun on finding the perfect bar fridge, that is right for you.