5 Things You Can Do to Educate Your Kids About the Great Outdoors

5 Things You Can Do to Educate Your Kids About the Great Outdoors

March 9, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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These days, most kids spend the majority of their time sat at home playing with their friends over WiFi using an Xbox or similar games console. This is in stark contrast to the way in which most of us were brought up, where the very idea of staying inside during the summertime was frowned upon. Kids need to regain their love of the outdoors, as it helps them to learn about themselves and the world around them. On top of this, playing outside helps them to gain essential social skills they might never master whilst sat in front of a computer.

With this in mind, my article today will highlight five things you can do to educate your kids about the great outdoors. There are obviously many other ideas you could try out (and I implore you to), but the suggestions made underneath this introductory paragraph should be enough to get you started. Depending on whereabouts in the world you live, some of the points made might not be that suitable, so just use your common sense, and your kids should be out building dens and climbing trees in no time.

1 – Start Keeping Your Own Chickens

Not only will you get fresh eggs every single morning, but you’ll also inspire your children to get up early and take a few steps outside. Kids love having farmyard animals like this in the garden, and all you really need is some basic agricultural equipment from a company like Tow and Farm to dig out your coop and get started.

2 – Grow Your Own Vegetables

It’s vitally important that all children get to see the path of another life-form from birth to death to help them put their own existence into perspective. It’s also important to teach them how to be more self sufficient and why the outdoors is so special. Growing your own vegetables in the garden should help you to accomplish this.

3 – Take Them Fishing

Whilst it might be a slow starter, all children will love fishing from the moment they catch their first tiddler. Taking them down to your local pond or lake and placing a rod in their hands will almost certainly teach them about patients, but it will also show them how exciting the world beyond their bedroom can be.

4 – Go On A Picnic

Eating outside is yet another great way of making them understand how important it can be to spend time away from the house. Perhaps you live near to a national park, or maybe you reside close to a beach. Either way, spending your Sunday afternoons with your kids talking long walks and then sitting down on the floor to eat together is often a fantastic means of helping them to get some fresh air.

5 – Start Rock Climbing

Obviously, you won’t want to do this without the assistance of trained instructors, but as there are so many specially designed outdoor climbing walls, you should have no trouble finding somewhere suitable. The benefits of doing this include; limiting your child’s fear, boosting their confidence and teaching them about mother nature in a way they will have never experienced before.

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So there you have it my every enduring friends. Now you’ve got no excuse for sitting on the sofa all weekend while your kids take on Delta Team through the video game “Call of Duty”. The world is an amazing place; it would be a shame if they never thought to take a look.

Have fun!