5 Great Tips For Helping Your Kids Move Home

5 Great Tips For Helping Your Kids Move Home

May 19, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

When you’re moving house, there can be lots of upheavals. The kids can get upset and worried, and it feels like you have far too much to deal with all at once. Looking after the children will always be any Mum’s priority no matter what else is going on. If you’ve got a move coming up, read on for 5 great tips about how to take the impact out of the changes for your little ones:

  1. Bake a house-warming cake together – Moving to a new home means new smells, new rooms, new colours and new friends. One thing that can help a strange house feel more homely is the smell of a freshly baked cake. Make baking your favourite sweet treat the first order of moving day when you arrive. Then you can unpack to some wonderfully familiar and comforting aromas.
  2. Don’t be distracted – Your kids need you around right now so they can feel secure and supported through this transition. Don’t let the hassles of small print on contracts distract your attention away from them. Try using an online company so there is little paperwork to peruse and store. Housing at places like Ultris Banyan Grove can be chosen and paid for online. This makes everything as easy and as automated as possible when you’re moving.
  3. Find out what’s there – Use a search engine or the local library to find out more about the area you are moving to. You may find there are plenty of places aimed at children that your own kids will love. Zoos, play parks, swimming pools and music schools are all popular places that can be found in many areas. Print out a map of the area, and place homemade stickers on all the things that interest your children. You can even make marks in the calendar to commit to dates when you will all visit them.
  4. Create new door plates – Pull out your glue sticks, glitter, paints and scissors! When you know where you are moving to, you can create new name cards for the children’s bedroom doors. They can be themed to represent a landmark in the new area, or just decorated in any style the children fancy. The real fun is getting to choose which room is theirs!
  5. Packing the toys – Some kids are a little reluctant to tidy their rooms, so you may be worried about getting them to pack for a move. Help them write a list of all their most important and cherished belongings. This list will become the contents of their special moving box. Your child may also want to decorate the box to show how special the contents are. You can organise other toys by size, colour, or even type. It’s a great activity for you both to do and helps them with their understanding of sets and sorting.

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Moving house is often a series of activities we have to do that keep us away from the kids. By taking on activities with the kids during this crucial time, you can be sure they are getting the quality time with you that they need. Helping them enjoy the process will also help you enjoy moving day a little more. Enjoy!