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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Décor Obsessed


Most everyone enjoys dressing up their home for special occasions and holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and last but certainly not least, the sweetest day of the year – Valentine’s Day!

For home décor enthusiasts and DIY experts, creating unique and inventive furnishings and decorations for Valentine’s Day is a literal breeze… but what about all the rest of us? Let’s be honest, not everyone is a skilled artisan or a HGTV aficionado. However if you’ve got some creative ideas in mind and a little bit of initiative, you can easily make beautiful, fun-loving home décor that will uplift your spirits and literally knock the socks off that special someone! So, what are some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas and DIY tips out there for the décor obsessed?

Firstly, think outside of the box. Don’t give into buying kitschy items, or furnishing your home with lots of factory-made, store-bought decorations and furniture. Be inventive. Let that free spirit within you rule your choices and artistic, gift ideas.

If you want to totally wow the love of your life or BFF with some incredibly neat gift ideas, create handmade ornaments that say, “I love you” or “Be Mine”. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself romantic card made from recycled paper or a pair of heart-shaped painted wooden signs, the thought and creativity will be more than appreciated. In craft stores, you’ll find everything you need to create cutie-pie handmade sign or ornaments. Try using glitter, paint, decorative appliques, and jewellery to adorn your special piece of lovable art.

If you want to spruce up your home with thoughtful furnishings, consider buying solid wood furniture, which, in addition to looking nicer than the factory produced stuff, will last a lifetime. Your significant other will absolutely adore that you took the time to source only the finest furniture; get ideas from this furniture blog you are sure to love and get ready wrapping this big gift for Valentine’s Day!

Another idea for a DIY gift is to fill old-fashioned mason jars or antique perfume bottles with red, white, and pink beads, jellybeans or marbles. Place vintage-inspired lace or crochet doilies around the house, from dressers to dining room tabletops. Tie red ribbons around old food jars or small clear vases, and fill with colourful pastel flower petals. If there’s one day out of the year when you have permission to get a little kitschy with your design ideas, it’s Valentine’s Day.

You don’t even need to go crazy with the art supplies; want to create an easy Valentine’s Day gift using just a pair of scissors and cardboard? First, pencil out hearts and letters on a flat piece of either heavy construction paper or old cardboard. Afterwards, carefully cut out around your drawings to make the perfect decorations, using marking pens or paint to decorate each cut out. Later string the shapes with utility twine around your mantle, coffee table, or dining room chandeliers. If you are handy with a saw, you can create similar shapes by using particleboard or old slats of wood.

These are just a few ideas to wow that décor-obsessed person in your life. Remember, when it comes to decorations, do it yourself; when it comes to furniture, choose high quality, handcrafted, solid wood furniture.

Honeymooning in Ko Samui: 5 Most Romantic Things to Do


Your love has been sealed, and now it’s time for the most amazing holiday of your life: your honeymoon. With its stunning white sand beaches, its luxury villas and the exotic Thai culture, Ko Samui makes an excellent honeymoon destination. Are you planning to spend your honeymoon on this beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand?  Here are 5 romantic things to do:

1. Stay in a luxury villa

No hotel room beats the exclusivity, privacy and luxury of having your own villa to come home to at the end of the day. A place to wake up slowly with a hot cup of coffee before plunging into the crystal clear water of your private pool and nobody else around but your loved one. A living space, a romantic bedroom suite, lots of space and tranquility. Your villa is your love nest – a place to disappear in a love bubble together forgetting about the outside world for a little while and just enjoying each other’s company exclusively and undisturbed. Ko Samui has got a great offer on private pool villas for two for couples in love on all budgets. Check them out here.

2. Dine by the seaside

The sea is calling you love birds out of your love nests for some sunset gazing to the salty sea breeze and a romantic dinner by candlelight under Samui’s starlit night sky. Since you are on your honeymoon, you are allowed to splurge out. Why not go all the way with a scrumptious 6-course dinner at the Regent Hotel in Chaweng. This high-end restaurant is located right by the sea and it promises an almost magical evening out. The 6-course dinner is meant for romantic couples, and it comes with a bottle of wine to share.

3. Spend the day at the beach

Ahh the beach.. those beautiful sugary white sandy bays bordering turquoise and azure waters, Samui has got plenty of those paradise-places-on-earth. Beaches where you can take the most amazing photos, swim in the crystal clear sea and spend day after day sipping coconuts and cocktails while gazing at the sunset orange-glazed sky while holding hands, getting sunkissed and all.

4. Sail off to into the sunset

What could be more romantic than hopping on a catamaran and sailing off into the sunset? Yep, nothing beats that! The wind in your hair, salt on your lips, the ocean surrounding you and only the company of your loved one to enjoy, exclusively. It doesn’t get better… or maybe it does? How about a private chef on board to cook up a delicious meal, served out on the deck? You can book a day cruise or a sunset cruise; it’s all up to you. The Catamaran and the sea await the two of you.

5. Spa Heaven

A day at the spa cannot be missing during your honeymoon on Ko Samui Island. The Thai massage is one of the best massages in the world and with a complete spa package, you two will be soaking in bliss. An amazing spa with a unique setting is Tamarind Springs Forest Spa. Located away from the main road in between Chaweng and Lamai, this gorgeous spa is set outdoors in between rocks, waterfalls and greenery. It features natural pools, herbal steam caves and spa packages from heaven. A day at this spa is an unforgettable experience.


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